The YETI SB140 doesn’t like labels. Is it a powerful trail bike or a fast, nimble mini-enduro rig? And are 27.5” wheels still a thing? While it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself all these questions, you don’t have to! Instead, you could just ride the bike and see how it feels – our ENDURO tester Antonia did just that.

Yeti SB140 T2 | 160/140 mm | 27.5″ | XS-XL | € 8,190 | Manufacturer’s website

On their webpage, Yeti group their bikes into two categories: RIP and RACE. With its small 27.5” wheels, the SB140 falls into the RIP category and was designed expressly for top riding fun. About a year ago, we reviewed a size Large SB140, Yeti’s all-rounder, with 160 mm travel front and 140 mm rear. Now our tester Antonia, aka Toni, has tested the same bike in size S. At just 160 cm tall, 29ers are usually too big for her – read her review of the SCOTT Contessa Ransom to find out why. That’s why she was even more excited to ride the 27.5”-wheeled SB140, hoping to find a bike that can be used as both a fun all-rounder and fast enduro racer. But enough with the theory, let’s get to the point.

Elegant, expensive, well-thought-out -– the Yeti SB140 in detail

Like most Yetis, the SB140 use their Switch Infinity Link – „the main pivot is able to move linearly on a ‘rail’, allowing anti-squat to be tuned as the suspension moves through its travel“. The system was designed to strike an optimal balance between climbing efficiency and downhill performance, with high anti-squat initially offering a stable pedalling platform, before giving way to lower anti-squat and plusher suspension. The Colorado-based brand offers its bikes in two different grades of carbon fibre, called the C- and Turq-series. The C frame of our test bike is slightly heavier but shares the same geometry and stiffness as Yeti’s high-end Turq frames. Toni’s T2 test bike is priced at an eye-watering € 8,190 but is equipped with only the finest components. The spec includes a FOX 36 Factory GRIP2 fork and a DPX2 Factory shock, a SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain and SRAM G2 RSC brakes. While these are perfectly suited for light riders like Toni, heavier riders will need to upgrade to a more powerful option like SRAM CODEs. Unfortunately, there’s one more inconsistency in the spec. The rear MAXXIS Rekon tire is totally out of place on a potent all-rounder like the SB140. With its low profile and low rolling resistance, it’s a good option for more relaxed, touring-oriented bikes but has no room on a playful and capable trail/enduro rig which requires a grippier rear tire. On the other hand, the 2.6″ Minion DHF front tire generates lots of traction while providing precise and predictable handling. The FOX Transfer dropper works effortlessly but only offers 125 mm travel on our size S frame – we swapped this for a dropper with 150 mm travel. The cockpit is made up of a 50 mm Race Face Aeffect R stem and 780 mm Yeti handlebars. Short riders riding small frame sizes should cut down their handlebars.

Fork: FOX Factory Grip2 36 160 mm
Shock: FOX Factory DPX2 140 mm
Brakes: SRAM G2 RSC 180/180 mm
Drivetrain: SRAM X01 Eagle
Dropper: FOX Transfer 125 mm
Stem: Race Face Turbine 50 mm
Bars: Yeti Carbon 35 780 mm
Wheels: DT Swiss Custom M1700 27,5″
Tires: MAXXIS Minion DHF EXO / MAXXIS Rekon EXO + 2,6”

Despite the big difference in travel, the 160 mm FOX 36 Factory fork perfectly matches the rear of the Yeti, which only has 140 mm. Together, they take the edge off the roughest trails.
Thanks to the Switch Infinity Link, the rear suspension works efficiently while offering lots of support.

Ciao bella!! Italy and the SB140 – a terrific combination!

Even with the Small frame size, you can fit a large drinking bottle – ingenious!
Yeti’s cable routing system relies on an additional internal sleeve. While this makes installation easier, the cables still rattle loudly. This could be prevented by clamping the sleeves to the ports.
Especially with an active riding style, the SRAM G2 brakes can’t keep up with the boisterous character of the SB140. Here, CODE RSC brakes would be a better choice.
Thanks to the low slung top tube and short seat tube, the SB140 can take a long-travel dropper post, which inspires confidence on steep trails. Awesome!

Long and low – the geometry of the YETI SB140

The SB140 is available in five sizes. At 160 cm tall, Toni picked a size S. Above all, the bike scores with its straight and short seat tube (380 mm), which allows you to run a long-travel dropper post – Toni installed a 150 mm dropper on hers. The SB140 has a slack 65° head angle, steep 77° seat angle and a reach of 430 mm, which is long for a size S. Conversely, the 433 mm chainstays are on the short side. The low drawn top tube allows for good freedom of movement, but more on this in our riding impressions.

Seat tube 355 mm 380 mm 410 mm 450 mm 495 mm
Top tube 538 mm 567 mm 598 mm 612 mm 649
Head tube 95 mm 110 mm 115 mm 126 mm 137
Head angle 65.0° 65.0° 65.0° 65.0° 65.0°
Seat angle 77.1° 77.0° 77.0° 77.0° 77.0°
Chainstays 433 mm 433 mm 433 mm 433 mm 433 mm
Wheelbase 1,145 mm 1,176 mm 1,208 mm 1,233 mm 1,263 mm
Reach 405 mm 430 mm 460 mm 480 mm 505 mm
Stack 582 mm 595 mm 600 mm 610 mm 620 mm

Work hard, play hard – the SB140 on the trail

For Toni, the Yeti SB140 was love at first sight. Not only does the bike look incredibly good, but it also offers an excellent riding position which is nicely centered, upright and very comfortable. In other words, this bike was made to handle both long rides and nasty climbs. For even more comfort, Yeti throw in a comfortable WTB saddle and soft ODI grips, which, in combination with the sensitive rear end, make you feel as if you were floating over the trail, sitting on a fluffy cloud. On long, tiresome climbs, we recommend activating the lockout lever of the DPX2 shock to prevent the rear from bobbing. However, on technical climbs, it generates tons of traction with the shock fully open.

Hands off the brakes, weight back, let’s rip! The motto of the SB140!

As soon as you point its nose downhill, the SB140 triggers a firework of emotions. With its lively handling, the bike is fast, fun and precise, but demands a committed riding style. This is mainly due to the long reach, which sometimes makes it hard to put enough weight over the front wheel – to generate traction, you have to lean forward. However, with a more centered riding position and hands off the brakes, the SB140 builds up an insane amount of speed. The stiff chassis inspires lots of confidence and despite the substantial difference in travel, the rear never seems to have less reserves than the front. In tight trail sections, the SB140 demands an active riding style but still negotiates tight turns incredibly well. Another positive aspect is the low top tube, which, combined with the high front end, inspires tons of confidence on steep terrain. Unfortunately, the additional inner tubes of the cable routing system don’t stop the cables from rattling inside the frame – at € 8.190, we expect a bike to be completely silent.

Uncompromised riding fun comes at a price! In tight corners, the Yeti requires an active riding style!

Yeti SB140 size S conclusion

For tall riders, the YETI SB140 with its 27.5” wheels is a playful and fun trail bike. For short riders like Toni, who can be easily overwhelmed by big 29” wheels, the SB140 is a brilliant all-rounder. This bike handles everything, from fun mid-week rides to challenging races at the weekend! It climbs very efficiently and feels both smooth and agile when shredding your way down into the valley. That being said, its lively character requires an active riding style. Despite the eye-watering price, the loud rattling noise of the cables and some slight inconsistencies in the spec, the YETI SB140 is a superb all-rounder.


  • great rear suspension
  • the low slung frame provides good freedom of movement
  • very composed
  • elegant look


  • requires an active riding style
  • rattling cables
  • slight inconsistencies in the spec: brakes, tires

Tuning tips:

  • replace the rear tire with a 2.4” Minion DHR II
  • heavy riders should get more powerful brakes
  • dropper post with more travel if necessary
  • short riders should shorten the bars
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If you like the look of the SB140 but prefer 29″ wheels, why not check out our review of the Yeti SB150!

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Words: Antonia Buckenlei Photos: Christoph Bayer