Yeti (1 von 1)

Jury Verdict

A trail bike that sets the standard! The new Yeti SB5C isn’t just super agile and efficient, it also bristles with authority and flattens even the smallest bumps with exceptional suspension performance. This balance of power and trail performance is outstanding, made possible by the new Switch Infinity Technology. This system allows for an optimised suspension spring rate and wheel travel path. The result: no other bike with 127 mm of suspension feels like it has this much travel. The geometry is spot on, the components are chosen with great care, and additional platform damping is unnecessary. The intelligent design guarantees maximum fun, and Yeti shows convincingly that sometimes less is more!

Yeti SB5 C (1 von 1)

Price: 6,599 $ | Weight: 12.05 kg | Suspension Travel: 140/127 mm | Sizes: XS–XL

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