All good things come in threes! For 2021, the YT Industries Capra MK3 has been redesigned from the ground and is now available in two wheel size configurations, with either 29″ wheels or a mullet setup. YT offer the new Capra in three spec variants, which are all built around an elegant carbon frame. We tested the new Capra with both wheel setups and can tell you which version suits your riding style best.

YT Industries Capra MK3 Core 4 | 170/170 mm travel (f/r) | 15.1 kg (size XL – manufacturer’s specification) | 29 “/ 27.5” | € 5,999 | Manufacturer’s website

In 2014, German mail-order brand Young Talent Industries made their big breakthrough with their Capra enduro bike. The German mountain goat has now reincarnated itself for the third time. While maintaining its distinctive silhouette and Horst-Link suspension system, the Capra MK3 promises to be the perfect rig for rough enduro races and long bike park sessions. YT replaced the popular 27.5” model with a new MX version, which is the first mullet bike in their portfolio. The new 29” model pairs 170 mm travel at the front with 165 mm at the rear. The MX version has its own frame with adapted seat stays and a brand-new shock clevis, delivering 170 mm travel on both ends.

The brand-new YT Industries Capra MK3 in detail:

Regardless of the wheel size, the new Capra will be available with high- and ultra- modulus carbon frames. While the two frames offer the same degree of stiffness, the version with ultra modulus fibers is slightly lighter. That’s the frame YT use for the exclusive “launch edition” and top-spec Core 4 model. On the seat and chainstays, a huge protector prevents the chain from damaging the frame. Moreover, the rear end of the new Capra comes with a thin frame protector as standard – awesome!

The neat cable routing relies on internal sleeves and emphasizes the elegant silhouette of the carbon frame.
The new Capra comes with a thin frame protector on the seat and chainstays as standard. The protector looks discreet and effectively protects the frame.

On the dowtube, a soft TPU guard protects the undercarriage of the Capra against impacts and stray rocks. All cables are routed internally and run through the frame in separate sleeves, ensuring a quiet ride and tidy look. Bike park with backpack? No thanks! Mounting points on the top tube allow you to attach all your trail essentials using a tool strap and a bottle cage in the front triangle takes all standard water bottles, up to a maximum size of 620 ml.
We love the fact that a big mail-order brand like YT decided to use a universal SRAM UDH mech hanger. In case of necessity, you should be able to order one from pretty much any bike shop in the world.

The chunky chainstay protector is shaped for optimal freedom of movement.
There’s also a protector on the inside of the seat stay – awesome, that’s how we want it!
A vexed issue
Finally, YT made room for a bottle cage! The new Capra can take all standard water bottles, up to a maximum size of 620 mm.

The geometry of the YT Industries Capra MK3

Both the 29″ and MX version of the new Capra MK3 will be available in 5 frame sizes, S to XXL. At 190 cm tall, our test rider got along well with the recommended XL size. The 487 mm reach (29″ in XL) is combined with a 645 mm stack and the high front inspires confidence on steep descents. However, the reach is relatively short for an XL frame and together with the 470 mm seat tube restricts the freedom of movement on the bike. Unfortunately, this also limits the choice of frame sizes, despite the finely graduated 20 mm reach increments between sizes. The same applies to the MX model, which combines an even shorter reach with the same seat tube length. On both versions, a flip-chip on the clevis allows you to switch between a low and high setting to change the head angle, seat angle and bottom bracket height. YT deliver the new Capra in the low setting, which is the one we ran throughout the entire test.

Get low
A flip-chip on the clevis lets you adjust the geometry of the Capra to suit your riding style and preferences

On both models, YT adapt the chainstay length to the respective frame size, using 438 mm on sizes S-L (29″) and 443 mm on XL-XXL (29″). In the same size, the MX version has a shorter rear end than the 29” model. Size-specific chainstay lengths should ensure consistent riding characteristics across all sizes.

The geometry of the YT Industries Capra MK3 29”

Top tube 563 mm 586 mm 606 mm 629 mm 652 mm
Seat tube 395 mm 420 mm 445 mm 470 mm 495 mm
Head tube 100 mm 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm
Head angle (Low/High) 64.2°/64.5° 64.2°/64.5° 64.2°/64.5° 64.2°/64.5° 64.2°/64.5°
Seat angle (Low/High) 77.7°/78° 77.6°/77.9° 77.6°/77.9° 77.6°/77.9° 77.5°/77.8°
BB Drop (Low/High) 27 mm/22 mm 27 mm/22 mm 27 mm/22 mm 27 mm/22 mm 27 mm/22 mm
Chainstay 438 mm 438 mm 438 mm 443 mm 443 mm
Wheelbase 1204 mm 1228 mm 1248 mm 1277 mm 1302 mm
Reach 427 mm 447 mm 467 mm 487 mm 507 mm
Stack 625 mm 634 mm 634 mm 643 mm 652 mm

The geometry of the YT Industries Capra MK3 MX

Top tube 567 mm 587 mm 607 mm 630 mm 653 mm
Seat tube 395 mm 420 mm 445 mm 470 mm 495 mm
Head tube 100 mm 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm
Head angle (Low/High) 64°/64.3° 64°/64.3° 64°/64.3° 64°/64.3° 64°/64.3°
Seat angle (Low/High) 77.5°/77.8° 77.5°/77.8° 77.5°/77.8° 77.5°/77.8° 77.5°/77.8°
BB Height (Low/High) 346 mm/351 mm 346 mm/351 mm 346 mm/351 mm 346 mm/351 mm 346 mm/351 mm
Chainstay 433 mm 433 mm 433 mm 438 mm 438 mm
Wheelbase 1199 mm 1223 mm 1243 mm 1272 mm 1297 mm
Reach 424 mm 444 mm 464 mm 484 mm 504 mm
Stack 627 mm 636 mm 636 mm 645 mm 654 mm

The YT Industries Capra MK3 models – specs, prices and availability

The YT Industries Capra MK3 is expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2021. Both the 29” and MX models will be available in the Core 3 (€ 4,499) and Core 4 (€ 5,999) versions and share the same specs and prices. YT will also release a special “Launch Edition”, which is limited to 100 units worldwide and retails at € 7,499. Its predecessor, the Capra MK2, will also remain available. With the launch of the new Capra MK3, YT are introducing their new pre-order system. By paying a 10% deposit, you can reserve any bike with an estimated delivery time of over 8 weeks. If you change your mind, you can cancel your order and YT will get you a full refund.

The spec of our YT Industries Capra MK3 Core 4 test bike

Our € 5999 Capra MK3 Core 4 test bike comes equipped with a FOX 38 Factory GRIP2 fork and FOX Float X2 Factory shock. Both offer external high/low rebound and compression adjustments. Shifting is taken care of by a shiny SRAM X01 12-speed drivetrain with 10–52 cassette. An E13 chain guide with bash guard prevents the chain from coming off and protects the chainring from impacts. Powerful SRAM Code RSC four-piston brakes with 200 mm rotors front and rear do stopping duties.

Pack a punch
200 mm rotors ensure powerful and reliable deceleration in all situations!
Better safe than sorry
The eThirteen chain guide with bash guard prevents the chain from coming off and protects the chainring against impacts
For the tires, YT rely on MAXXIS’ puncture -prone EXO + casing, which doesn’t do justice to the potential of the bike and should be upgraded to a more robust tire
The GRIP2 damper provides four-way adjustability with high- and low-speed control, allowing you to fine-tune the FOX 38 Factory fork

For the wheels, YT rely on a Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro alloy wheelset with Industry-Nine hubs. The new Capra rolls on MAXXIS tires, with a 2.5 ” ASSEGAI in soft 3C MaxxGrip compound at the front and 2.4” Minion DHRII in MaxxTerra compound at the rear. Unfortunately, both tires come in the puncture-prone EXO + casing, which doesn’t live up to the rowdy character of the Capra. With such a powerful bike, you want to run a tire with a more robust casing. For the seatpost, YT rely on their own-brand Postman dropper with 170 mm travel (size XL), which can be inserted all the way into the frame. Renthal supply the 800 mm Renthal Fatbar handlebars, which have 20 mm rise on frame sizes S-M and 30 mm on all other frames.

YT Industries Capra MK3 Core 4

€ 5,999


Fork FOX 38 Float Factory 170 mm
Rear Shock FOX Float X2 Factory 165 mm
Seatpost YT Postman 100–170 mm
Brakes SRAM Code RSC–Vierkolbenbremse 200/200 mm
Drivetrain SRAM X01 Eagle 1x12
Stem RENTHAL Apex 35 mm
Handlebar RENTHAL Fatbar 35 800 mm
Wheelset CRANKBROTHERS Synthesis Enduro Alloy I9 29"
Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI/Minion DHR II Exo+ 2,5/2,4"

Technical Data

Weight 15,01 kg

The spec of the YT Industries Capra MK3 Core 3 model

The more affordable Capra MK3 Core 3 comes with a slightly heavier high-modulus carbon frame and FOX 38 Performance Elite fork. While the latter may not have the lustrous Kashima coating, it’s in no way inferior to the Factory model. A brand-new Float X Performance shock controls 165 mm travel at the rear and a SRAM GX 12-speed drivetrain takes care of the shifting. The GX model might be heavier than SRAM’s high-end driverains but delivers the same excellent shifting performance. As the top-spec Core 4 model, the Core 3 relies on four piston SRAM CODE brakes. However, these are the less powerful R variant, which is not as powerful and smooth as the RSC model with SwingLink lever. Once again, YT rely on a puncture-prone tire combination with hard rubber compound. For € 4499, you won’t get a perfect spec but the same clever frame features as the top-end model with robust and functional components. Provided you swap the tires to a more robust model, the Core 3 is a very capable and fun downhill machine.

YT Industries Capra MK3 Core 3

€ 4,499


Fork FOX 38 Float Performance Elite 170 mm
Rear Shock FOX Float X Performance Elite 165 mm
Seatpost YT Postman 100–170 mm
Brakes SRAM Code R–Vierkolbenbremse 200/200 mm
Drivetrain SRAM GX Eagle 1x12
Stem E13 Plus 35 mm
Handlebar E13 Plus 35 800 mm
Wheelset CRANKBROTHERS Synthesis Enduro Alloy 29"
Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI/Minion DHR II Exo 2,5/2,4"

Technical Data


The limited YT Industries Capra MK3 Launch Edition

YT will also release an “Uncaged” model called the “Launch Edition”. This retails at € 7,499 and comes equipped with a RockShox ZEB Ultimate fork and Cane Creek Double Barrel coil shock. The exclusive spec also includes elegant Cane Creek titanium eeWings cranks and an SDG saddle that matches the extravagant paint finish. The Launch edition is a one-off release limited to 100 units and only available in the MX version with a smaller 27,5″ rear wheel.

YT Capra MK3 Launch Edition | 170/170 mm travel (f/ r) | 29 “/ 27.5” (v / h) | € 7,499

First ride review. The YT Industries Capra MK3 on the trail

We had the opportunity to test both the 29” and MX version of the new Capra MK3 at a local press camp. Unfortunately, the adverse weather and terrain conditions on our local trails around Freiburg doesn’t allow us to come up with a final verdict. However, we can tell you our first impressions.
As far as the riding position goes, the Capra strikes a great compromise, placing its rider in a slightly front-heavy position on flat terrain and pleasantly upright uphill. The steep 77.6 ° seat angle makes for a centred riding position and thus prevents the front wheel from lifting on steep climbs. Even with the shock in “open” mode, the Capra doesn’t sink into its travel and generates good traction on technical climbs – the 29” model offers slightly more grip than the MX version with the smaller rear wheel. Most climbs can be negotiated without engaging the climb switch.

He who laughs last, laughs best
Uphill we were still clean and dry …

Downhill, the Capra MK3 conveys huge amounts of confidence and ploughs its way through nasty rock gardens, always maintaining its composure. On very steep descents, the mullet version with smaller rear wheel has a lower center of gravity and thus inspires more confidence than the 29” version. Thanks to the supportive suspension, both bikes maintain their speed through berms and are easy to pull into the air. With botched lines, the mullet version is more forgiving of mistakes, with the smaller rear wheel ensuring a livelier and more agile character and thus making it easier to spontaneously change your line and flick the bike into corners.

MX vs. 29 – which Capra MK3 should you get?

If you love to blast through rock gardens at MACH10 and have already planned your next racing season, the 29 ” Capra MK3 is the better choice. On the other hand, if you spend more time up in the air than on trail and have a penchant for agile and fun bikes, you should take a closer look at the MX version. Short riders in particular will benefit from the smaller 27.5 ” rear wheel, which doesn’t get in your way as much when shifting your weight back. As far as climbing performance goes, the difference is marginal as the 29 ”model generates only marginally better traction on technical climbs.

Don’t touch it!
Slipping is not an option when hanging in the air. The Capra MK3 is easy to pull into the air and always inspires confidence.


With the new Capra MK3, you can choose between 29″ wheels and MX setup – cool! From bike park rats to thoroughbred racers, everyone will find a Capra that suits their riding style and preferences. Both Core models and the limited Launch Edition offer a well thought-out spec that only requires minimal changes. On the trail, the MK3 conveys huge amounts of confidence and impresses with its very supportive suspension.


  • MX and 29” versions for bike park rats and racers
  • cool frame features with chunky chainstay protector, frame guard and bottle cage
  • cool suspension offers lots of support
  • drive-neutral without a climb switch


  • long seat tube offers little freedom of movement
  • tires with puncture-prone casing

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Words: Peter Walker Photos: Daniel Roos

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