With its bright yellow finish, the new YT IZZO UNCAGED 7 doesn’t go unnoticed and looks damn fast! At YT, the UNCAGED label is given to special models with extra travel and a bling spec. Does this make it the perfect downcountry bike?

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best downcountry bike of 2022 – 6 models in review

YT IZZO UNCAGED 7 | 120/120 mm (f/r)
11.8 kg in size L | € 6,999 | Manufacturer’s website

When developing the IZZO UNCAGED 7, the German direct sale brand dug deep into their bag of tricks. Limited to just 300 units worldwide, the € 6,999 Izzo UNCAGED 7 is the cheapest bike in our 2022 downcountry group test and yet one of the most expensive models in YT’s product range. Accordingly, YT’s flagship trail rocket comes equipped with the finest components. Compared to standard IZZO models, the limited edition UNCAGED has narrower handlebars, a super-flashy Laser Yellow finish and 10 mm less travel, both front and rear. Unlike other bikes in this test, like the SCOTT or BMC, the YT has its roots in trail riding rather than XC.

The spec of the YT IZZO UNCAGED 7

A generously sized seat and chainstay protector prevents chain slap and paint chips while a protective film guards the chainstays and bottom bracket area from scuffs and minor crashes. The frame features a tool mount on the top tube that is compatible with all common tool straps. If you’re a fan of FIDLOCK’s magnetic bottle holder, we’ve got good news for you: a recess on the down tube accommodates the baseplate of FIDLOCK’s innovative bottle holder. For an additional € 49.99, you can also buy a matching Thirstmaster bottle, which was designed by YT and is available in both a 600 ml and 835 ml version. If you prefer a classic water bottle, don’t worry because the Izzo comes standard with an adapter for conventional bottle cages.

From dust till dawn
Let the chips fall where they may, let the dust fly on the trail!

The RockShox suspension of the 11.8 kg IZZO UNCAGED 7 consists of a SIDLuxe Ultimate shock and SID Ultimate fork with Charger Race Day damper, controlling 120 mm travel, both at the front and rear. The rebound of the fork can be adjusted with a small Allen key on the bottom of the lower leg assembly. The bolt system is lighter than a conventional rebound dial and the removable key can also be used to adjust the rebound on the rear shock. Both the fork and shock can be locked out via a RockShox TwistLoc grip remote, which adds two cables to the cockpit but doesn’t require a bar-mounted remote. The grip remote ensures a tidy cockpit and is intuitive to operate, avoiding confusion on the trail – awesome! Just as awesome is the electronic 150 mm RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post, which ensures super-fast and precise operation and brings many advantages on diversified trails. SRAM G2 Ultimate four-piston brakes ensure reliable and powerful deceleration, offering the same excellent performance and features as the G2 RSC model while saving an additional 12 g thanks to their carbon levers and titanium bolts. YT save some extra grams by using SRAM’s Centerline X rotors with a lightweight aluminium spider, combining a big 180 mm rotor at the front and a smaller 160 mm disc at the rear. Weight weenies shouldn’t get too excited, though, because the weight difference is negligible. Shifting is taken care of by a full SRAM XX1 12-speed drivetrain. Both the shifter and dropper remote are connected to the brake levers via Matchmakers, so the 740 mm Race Face Next SL 35 handlebars get away with just two clamps. For the wheels, YT rely on a DT Swiss XRC 1200 carbon wheelset and 2.4″ MAXXIS Rekon Race tires in the EXO casing, both front and rear. With its shallow tread pattern, the Rekon Race has less rolling resistance than its all-round XC counterpart but still generates sufficient traction on hard-pack terrain. However, it’s a different story on loose terrain, where the tires struggle to generate grip, partly due to the hard DualCompound rubber.

The RockShox TwistLoc is the best lockout remote in the entire test field: there’s no remote that gets in your way when riding downhill and fewer levers in the cockpit avoid confusion on the trail. However, the system adds two more cables to the cockpit.
The generously-sized seat and chainstay protector effectively prevents chain slap.
Low Rider
The geometry of the Izzo can be adjusted with a flip chip in the shock mount. We recommend the low setting for trail riding.


€ 6,999


Fork RockShox SID Ultimate 120 mm
Rear Shock RockShox SIDLuxe Ultimate 120 mm
Seatpost RockShox Reverb AXS 150 mm
Brakes SRAM G2 Ultimate 180/160 mm
Drivetrain SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS 1x12
Stem Race Face Turbine R 35 60 mm
Handlebar Race Face Next SL 35 740 mm
Wheelset DT Swiss XRC 1200 (30 mm) 29
Tires MAXXIS Rekon Race EXO DualCompound 2.4

Technical Data

Weight 11.8 kg

Specific Features


The magnetic Thirstmaster FIDLOCK bottle mount fits snugly into the recess in the down tube. However, YT deliver the Izzo with an adapter for conventional bottle cages too.
Tokyo drift
Thanks to the shallow tread pattern and hard DualCompound rubber, the Rekon Race tires have very low rolling resistance. However, this also means that they quickly lose traction on loose terrain.

The geometry of the YT IZZO UNCAGED 7

The IZZO is available in 5 sizes, S to XXL, offering a suitable option for riders between 156 cm and 204 cm tall. Our test bike in size L has 475 mm reach and 619 mm stack height, which makes it the bike with the tallest front in the entire test field – and the Izzo also has the longest wheelbase! Nevertheless, the short 450 mm seat tube ensures sufficient freedom of movement and allows you to choose the frame size based on your needs and preferences. The geometry of the Izzo can be adjusted between two positions with a flip chip in the shock mount. In the high setting, both the 77.5° seat angle and 66.5° head angle steepen up by 0.4° while the bottom bracket drops from 42 mm to 37 mm – we mainly rode the YT in the slacker low setting, which is the one we recommend for trail riding.

The wireless components and TwistLoc remote ensure a clean look and tidy cockpit.

Seat tube 400 mm 425 mm 450 mm 475 mm 500 mm
Top tube 565 mm 590 mm 615 mm 640 mm 665 mm
Head tube 95 mm 105 mm 115 mm 130 mm 140 mm
Head angle 66.5°/66.9° 66.5°/66.9° 66.5°/66.9° 66.5°/66.9° 66.5°/66.9°
Seat angle 77.5°/77.9° 77.5°/77.9° 77.5°/77.9° 77.5°/77.9° 77.5°/77.9°
Chainstays 432 mm 432 mm 432 mm 437 mm 437 mm
BB Drop 42/37 mm 42/37 mm 42/37 mm 42/37 mm 42/37 mm
Wheelbase 1,155 mm 1,180 mm 1,206 mm 1,237 mm 1,262 mm
Reach 432 mm 454 mm 475 mm 495 mm 517 mm
Stack 601 mm 610 mm 619 mm 633 mm 642 mm
Helmet Fox Speedframe | Glasses POC Elicit | Jersey Rapha Trail Hoodie
Shorts Specialized Trail 3XDRY | Shoes Five Ten Maltese Falcon
Socks Trigema Sportsocken | Watch Casio A168WA

The YT IZZO UNCAGED 7 on the trail

As soon as you swing your leg over the saddle, you’ll notice how firm the rear suspension is and how little it wallows, even without activating the lockout – just the Trek and BMC climb more efficiently with the shock in open mode. Only when sprinting out of the saddle, does the Izzo require the climb switch. On level ground and gentle climbs, the pedalling position is slightly front-heavy but still comfortable enough to embark on long backcountry adventures. If you wind your way up the mountain on trails with steep and technical climbs, you’ll have to actively weight the front wheel to keep it tracking.

While the YT IZZO UNCAGED 7 is extremely agile, it becomes a little nervous at high speeds, struggling to generate enough traction when the going gets rough.

The IZZO UNCAGED 7 loves dodging trees on narrow trails

Drop its nose into the valley, and the Izzo immediately stands out for its progressive rear suspension, providing excellent support in compressions and allowing you to pump through rollers and berms. Hell yeah, the IZZO UNCAGED really lives up to its name! However, fast trail sections and abrupt braking manoeuvres on rough terrain expose the dark side of the progressive suspension, which loses definition and struggles to generate traction. With its agile and predictable handling, the YT makes it easy to thread your way through the trees on narrow forest trails, and its playful character reminds us a little of the Specialized Epic EVO. However, the IZZO UNCAGED has one big advantage over Specialized’s corner-king: the narrow handlebars make it easier to slip through tight trail sections. Unfortunately, the bars become an issue on fast trails, where the Specialized feels a lot more composed than its German opponent. Moreover, the tires generate poor traction with their shallow profile and hard rubber compound, robbing you of confidence in technical trail sections. If you spend lots of time on steep and rough trails, we recommend upgrading the tires to a model with a softer rubber compound and more aggressive tread pattern (e.g. MAXXIS Rekon in the 3C compound).

Tuning tip: tires with more aggressive tread pattern and softer rubber compound for more confidence downhill

Riding Characteristics



  1. sluggish
  2. efficient


  1. cumbersome
  2. playful


  1. nervous
  2. confident


  1. demanding
  2. balanced


  1. harsh
  2. plush

Fun Factor

  1. planted
  2. poppy

Value for money

  1. terrible
  2. very good

Intended Use










While the YT IZZO UNCAGED 7 is pretty intense visually, it’s pleasantly discrete on the trail, with its progressive rear suspension and narrow handlebars making it fast, nimble and easy to ride. However, the Izzo tends to get nervous at high speeds while the shallow-profiled, hard tires generate poor traction. Even uphill, the stiff suspension sits high in its travel, making the intuitive TwistLoc lockout necessary only when sprinting out of the saddle. If you like playing with the trail, popping off edges and climbing on technical trails, the YT is an excellent choice.


  • lockout easy to operate
  • nimble and agile downhill
  • supportive suspension makes it easy to pump through rollers and berms


  • shallow-profiled tires rob you of confidence
  • progressive rear suspension struggles to generate traction under braking
  • nervous handling at high speed

You can find out more about at yt-industries.com

The test field

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: The best downcountry bike of 2022 – 6 models in review

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Words: Simon Kohler Photos: Peter Walker

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