The Zéfal Deflector FM30 was developed for wet weather riding with feedback from pro riders, whether that’s on a lightweight XC bike, a capable enduro rig, or a big-hitting DH bike. The result is a long mudguard that’s widely compatible and well-priced. Is that enough to convince us and beat the competition?

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Price: € 16.95 | Weight: 135 g | Length: 480 mm | Manufacturer’s website

Zéfal are a large French bike accessory brand that offer everything from pumps to backpacks, and bike locks. They also have a number of different mudguards in the portfolio. The one on test is called the Deflector FM30, and measures 480 mm in length. That puts it just behind the 10 mm longer SKS MUDROCKER. At this length, the Zéfal weighs 135 g, making it one of the heavier models in our test field. The € 16.95 mudguard comes with stickers in three different colours, allowing you to customise the look to some extent. If you want a more compact mudguard, Zéfal also offer the FM20 for € 14.95.

Fitting the Zéfal Deflector FM30 mudguard

The mudguard attaches to your fork with a total of six cable ties. Two cable ties go around each of the fork lowers, while the remaining two secure the mudguard to the fork bridge. There are sufficient mounting points on the mudguard to make it compatible with various forks. Zéfal include protective foam sleeves to prevent the cable ties from scratching the fork. You must simply cut them to length and slide them onto the cable ties before securing them in place. Unfortunately, the foam sleeves only prevent the cable ties from scratching your fork, but the mudguard itself can still scratch it. To prevent this, we would recommend adding strips of protective tape to the contact areas between the fork and the mudguard. Something to bear in mind is that cable ties aren’t suitable for frequent mounting and dismounting of the mudguard.

You can choose between red, green and blue stickers to customise the mudguard.
Foam sleeves are included to prevent the cable ties from scratching your fork. To prevent the mudguard itself from scratching the fork, we would recommend resorting to additional protective tape.

The Zéfal Deflector FM30 mudguard on the trail

Thanks to the use of six cable ties, the fit of the mudguard feels bombproof on the fork. This results in a pleasantly quiet ride on the trails. More important, however, is how well the mudguard keeps your vision clear, and we’re happy to report that the Deflector FM30 from Zéfal does so excellently. Although the SKS sits above the Zéfal in our protection ranking, the differences are minimal, and apart from the two UK models, the Mucky Nutz and the Mudhugger, no other mudguard on test can trump the Zéfal. It also does a great job of protecting the fork seals thanks to the wide tabs.

Our conclusion on the Zéfal Deflector FM30 mudguard

The Zéfal Deflector FM30 is pleasantly quiet on the trails. It’s also one of the best mudguards in terms of protection, and is almost on par with our test winner. It’s fairly priced, too. Unfortunately, the included foam protectors are not sufficient – we recommend adding a little more protective tape of your own to prevent scratches on your fork. In addition, the mudguard can only be attached with cable ties.


  • bombproof fit
  • good protection against dirt


  • scratches the fork

For more information, visit the Zefal website.

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Words: Sebastian Dirscherl Photos: Simon Kohler