DUKE launches its new Enduro / All Mountain carbon rim


The French wheelbuilder, JPRACINGBIKE1, extends its DUKE products range by releasing the CRAZY JACK, a carbon rim dedicated to Enduro and All mountain in 27,5” (650b) and 29”.


  • carbon rim with a high resistance impact material
  • tubeless
  • width of 25mm internal and 32mm external for a much better tire volume
  • 28mm height to reduce spoke length
  • hookless design with low sides (only 4mm high for 3,6mm wide) to improve the rim resistance and keep a safe tubeless mounting, even in the hardest conditions
  • asymetrical rim (2,6 mm) for a quite similar bracing angle on each side
  • rims made in Europe
  • handbuilt in France


Duke Crazy Jack weights

  • 650b front rim: 370g
  • 650b rear rim: 410g
  • 650b wheelset: 1475g

  • 29″ front rim: 390g
  • 29″ rear rim: 430g
  • 29″ wheelset: 1515g


Words & Photos: JPracingbike1 PR

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Patriot cover
Portrait: Jiří Fikejz and his AGang Patriot 2.0 27.5″

Jiří Fikejz is a 22-year old racer from Voděrady-Sitiny, Czech. He rides for BEFI, AGang, 3riders, Kali, Oakley and e.13...