An alloy frame with clean lines, oversized bearings and external cable routing? Yes, you guessed right, we’re talking about RAAW. The German boutique manufacturer have just launched the latest generation of their trail bike. With the new Jibb V2, RAAW kept their focus on durability and servicing, while taking the customisation game to a whole new level. The old terrier has learnt some new tricks!

RAAW Jibb V2 | 150/130 mm (f/r) | 29” | 15.8 kg (size L) | € 3,165 (frame + shock) | Manufacturer’s website

Our favourite terrier is back! The RAAW Jibb V2 enters its second generation. The German Jack Russel maintains its distinctive look but rolls into the new season with plenty of updates. Although RAAW’s die-hard fans could probably anticipate some of the changes, there are some other innovations that are totally new to the brand.

Like its predecessor, the new Jibb V2 rolls on 29″ wheels and generates 150 mm travel at the front. However, the latest descendant of the Jibb dynasty generates 5 mm less rear travel than its predecessor at 130 mm. Needless to say, the new Jibb V2 relies on a clean alloy frame and focuses on durability and ease of servicing, featuring RAAW’s typical oversized bearings, external cable routing and Horst link rear suspension design.

RAAW already relied on a modular concept with the new Madonna V3 enduro bike and Yalla! downhill rig, and have now applied the same principle to the new Jibb V2. This enables countless adjustment options with just a few small parts, allowing you to fine tune the geometry of the bike to suit your own needs and preferences. Alongside the chainstay length, you can adjust the progression of the rear suspension and bottom bracket height, while the head angle and reach can be altered by swapping the headset cups. Furthermore, you can choose to run a 27.5″ rear wheel, or a shock with more travel. The latter option allows you to convert the Jibb V2 into an LT version (long travel) with a 160 mm fork and 141 mm travel at the rear, and essentially enables you to have two different bikes with just a few additional components.

The RAAW Jibb V2 in detail

At the heart of the new RAAW Jibb V2 lies an elegant 6066 alloy frame, which is adorned with a small terrier emblem on the top tube and small RAAW logo – the epitome of understatement! Like all RAAW bikes, the new Jibb relies on external cable routing, which makes it easier to service the bike. Nevertheless, the cables are all routed neatly and secured to the frame with a combination of metal clamps and zip tie cable guides, which ensures an overall clean look. Furthermore, RAAW always make sure that the dropper and shifting cables run in the widest possible radius to ensure smooth action.

The little terrier sits on the top tube of every Jibb. It’s hardly aged over the past few years, and has retained its playful character.
External cable routing is a typical feature of RAAW bikes. The German manufacturer always makes sure that the dropper and shifting cables run in the widest possible radius to ensure smooth action.

A generously sized chainstay protector prevents chain slap and paint chips. This also hides the shift cable, and it’s secured to the frame with both glue and zip ties. A 5 mm TPU plate shields the down tube against impacts, protecting the frame across its full width – awesome!

The generously sized chainstay protector keeps the Jibb V2 nice and protects both the frame and shift cable from the elements.

For the main and rocker pivot, RAAW rely on oversized cartridge bearings that are easy to source, using just three different sizes. This makes it super easy to find spares and carry them with you on a longer bike trip.

RAAW only use three different bearing types on the Jibb V2 frame, which makes it easier to find spares.
A tool mount on the top tube allows you to secure trail essentials directly to the frame.

A tool mount on the top tube allows you to secure a spare tube or other trail essentials directly to the frame. However, RAAW forgo a storage compartment in the down tube, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst trail and enduro bikes. Of course, there’s enough room in the main frame triangle to accommodate a standard bottle cage, while an ISCG 05 mount allows you to fit a bash guard or chain guide.

Spec variants and availability of the RAAW Jibb V2

The new Jibb V2 is now available to order and, according to RAAW, is already in stock. You can buy a frame kit with either FOX and Öhlins shocks, or a rolling chassis, which is essentially a complete bike without drivetrain and brakes. When ordering your bike, you’re given plenty of options to customise the fit of the bike.

The frame kit without a shock retails at € 2,790, which isn’t exactly a bargain for an alloy frame when compared to other manufacturers. Prices for the rolling chassis start at € 5,645.

Our test bike comes equipped with FOX Factory suspension consisting of a FOX 36 GRIP2 fork and matching FOX FLOAT X air shock. Shifting is taken care of by a 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain, while four-piston XT brakes do stopping duties. OneUp Components supply both the handlebars and dropper post, while NEWMEN provide the alloy wheelset, which is paired with MAXXIS tires. Our test bike in size L tips the scales at 15.8 kg, which would have made it the heaviest analog bike in our latest trail bike comparison test. Since RAAW don’t offer complete bikes, we’re not going to focus on the components’ performance too much.

RAAW Jibb V2


Fork FOX 36 Factory GRIP2 150 mm
Rear Shock FOX FLOAT X Factory 130 mm
Seatpost OneUp Dropper Post V2 210 mm
Brakes Shimano XT 200/200 mm
Drivetrain Shimano XT 1x12
Stem OneUp 50 mm
Handlebar OneUp Carbon 800 mm
Wheelset Newmen Evolution SL A30 29"
Tires MAXXIS ASSEGAI MaxxGrip EXO+/Minion DHRll MaxxTerra EXO+ 2,5"/2,4"

Technical Data


Specific Features

Flip Chip
Progression Chip

The geometry and Toolbox concept of the RAAW Jibb V2

Something else which is new for the Jibb V3 is an XXL frame option, giving a total of five frame sizes, S to XXL. Reach values grow in 25 mm increments, although the sizes are slightly smaller compared to most bike manufacturers. Our test bike in size L combines 470 mm reach and a very high 649 mm stack height. The length of the Jibb’s chainstays grows with the frame size, and can be adjusted further. This is meant to ensure consistent handling across all sizes. The seat tube is rather long for a modern trail bike, but in return allows you to insert a long-travel dropper post all the way into the frame.

The RAAW Jibb V2 with all the geometry adjustments in the middle setting.

Reach 420 mm 445 mm 470 mm 495 mm 520 mm
Stack 621 mm 635 mm 649 mm 662 mm 662 mm
Chainstay Length 445 mm 445 mm 450 mm 455 mm 455 mm
BB Drop 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm
Seat Tube Length 395 mm 420 mm 445 mm 470 mm 470 mm
Seat Tube Angle 76° 76° 77° 77° 77°
Horizontal Top Tube 577 mm 607 mm 620 mm 648 mm 673 mm
Head Tube Length 100 mm 115 mm 130 mm 145 mm 145 mm
Wheelbase 1192 mm 1224 mm 1260 mm 1296 mm 1321 mm

As already mentioned, RAAW’s proprietary Toolbox Concept enables countless adjustability options. When ordering your new Jibb V2, you’ll be able to choose from several options, but if you want to change the geometry further, you’ll have to buy the appropriate components separately. However, the cool thing about it is that most of the parts also fit the Madonna V3 and Yalla! So if you own either of these bikes already, you can “recycle” your Toolbox parts. It would be cool if RAAW offered a kind of test toolbox that you could borrow for some time to decide which settings you prefer and which hardware to get. After all, not all riders have the necessary know-how to understand which component brings what change on the trail, without having previously tried it.

The two rider weight-specific rocker links (50 and 55) allow you to fine-tune the new Jibb V2 to suit your own requirements. RAAW recommend the 55 rocker for riders above 90 kg, which lets you run a shock with more stroke.
You can adjust the bottom bracket height and the rear suspension progression by swapping the lower shock mount.

By swapping the lower shock mount, you can change the progression of the rear suspension by +/- 3 % as well as the bottom bracket height by +/- 3 mm, which essentially gives you a total of 9 different options. There’s also a dedicated MX mount, which allows you to convert the Jibb V2 to a mullet bike without altering the geometry and suspension kinematics too much. Plus, RAAW also offer two different rocker links, which are designed for different rider weights and allow you to run a shock with more stroke to increase rear travel.

A flip chip in the dropouts allows you to adjust the chainstay length of the Jibb.

A flip chip in the dropouts allows you to change the chainstay length by +/- 5 mm. However, the conventional flip chip swingarm isn’t compatible with SRAM UDH. If you want to use a SRAM Transmission drivetrain (or you just realllly like UDH and trust RAAW to decide how long your chainstays should be) you’ll need the appropriate swingarm: you can either order it with your bike, or purchase one separately – cool! You can also adjust the reach and head angle using different headset cups. With all these settings, the Jibb V2 is one of the most adjustable trail bikes out there, allowing experienced riders to really fine-tune their ride.

The RAAW Jibb V2 on test

For this first ride test, we rode the new RAAW Jibb V2 with the geometry in the medium settings. We rode the bike primarily on our familiar home trails, where we were able to gain a deep insight into the bike and its features.

On your way to the trailhead, the first thing you’ll notice is the upright pedalling position, which nevertheless integrates you nicely into the bike and makes you feel as if you were pedalling from above rather than from behind. When riding on level ground, there’s a slight pressure on your hands, but this fades out progressively as the climb gets steeper. All in all, the Jibb is very comfortable, and perfectly suitable for big days out. While the suspension might not be the most efficient out there, the Jibb still delivers a solid climbing performance, generating excellent traction in technical sections.

When gravity takes over, the Jibb lives up to its name and literally encourages you to play with the trail. The lively, direct character makes it easy to jump from one berm into the next and to pop off ledges and tree stumps. At the same time, the Jibb integrates you deeply into the frame, with the weight evenly distributed between the front and rear. As a result, you don’t have to actively weight the front wheel to keep it tracking. That said, the Jibb requires a vigilant riding style, as it implements direction changes rather willingly with its lively character. The firm, poppy suspension adds to the playful feel, allowing you to generate speed quickly. Overall, the Jibb is more agile and playful than composed, which should hardly be a surprise given its name.

Who should take a closer look at the RAAW Jibb V2?

The new RAAW Jibb V2 offers exactly what you’d expect from a brand like RAAW: a robust frame with a plain look and near-endless customisation options. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to work on and the design clearly prioritises durability. This makes it particularly appealing to riders who know exactly what they want from their bike and spend lots of time riding it. However, ordering a Jibb requires some basic knowledge, because RAAW don’t offer pre-configured builds. The agile and playful character requires some experience too, although the slightly demanding handling is perfectly manageable for experienced riders.

Our conclusions about the RAAW Jibb V2

The new RAAW Jibb V2 rolls into the new season with a simple, sleek look, with a clear focus on durability and ease of maintenance. It’s currently one of the most versatile trail bikes available on the market and appeals primarily to experienced riders who know exactly what they want from their bike. On the trail, the Jibb V2 is playful and direct, with its firm, poppy suspension generating tons of speed. However, it’s not the best climber amongst trail bikes, and when the going gets rough, there are smoother bikes out there. As a result, the new Jibb V2 delivers good vibes rather than fast results.


  • Clear focus on durability
  • Easy to service
  • Coutless adjustment options ensure excellent versatility
  • Playful, agile and direct on the trail


  • Bike and concept aren’t suitable for everyone
  • Handling is rather demanding on the trail
  • Toolbox concept requires some knowledge

For more info, visit the RAAW-Mountainbikes website!

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Words: Peter Walker Photos: Mike Hunger Translation: Eric Frajria