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For many people Enduro mountain biking is the most pure form of riding their bike. It’s about freedom, exploring new trails, having a good time with your friends and challenging your limits. Every time you’re on your bike this big smile on your face appears and it lasts for days. But time isn’t always on your side. How would you like the possibility to ride your bike more often?

First, allow me to tell you my story. For years and years I worked my @ss off to gain a descent income. I needed it to fulfill my needs. A big part of my life was filled with working for a boss: 6 or 7 days a week and way to many hours a day. In my basement I kept 5 mountain bikes, I had an Oakley cabinet with 35 pairs of sunglasses, two TV sets, basically all I could wish for. Simply because I could easily afford it. The only one thing missing here was time to live my passion – mountain biking.

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As we speak things have drastically changed. I’m traveling through Europe from March to October. I extended my summer with a 5 week trip through Peru while winter appeared in Holland. The car I drive today is an old camper van, but it brings me pretty much everywhere I want to be, whenever I want to. It sleeps the two of us, and the best thing about this car: my mountain bike fits on nicely so where ever I park the car I can ride my bike. The lifestyle we chose to live today is one many people want to achieve. Those same people also tend to think they can’t achieve this same goal, as there are bills to be paid, bosses that don’t allow ‘em to go on a holiday for more than 2 weeks a year, and heads filled with thoughts distracting them from the things they really love: riding their bikes.

Are you this person? I’d say: don’t worry. There’s still time for change. Hell, there’s always time for change, wether you’ve just started studying and wonder how to pay for it, you just started working for a descent company, or wether you’ve been working for years and years now. Even when you’re close to retiring and think by that time you’re too old for ‘the good life’. I know for sure we all want to ride our bikes more often and visit the best areas in the world to have a great time. Going out there – living this life – creates memories. These memories remain forever.

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Now here comes the good part! Not only is it possible for anyone to change habits and lifestyle, this goal may be closer than you think. Remember the first time you won from your fear of taking that drop, steep descent or awesome trick? You just needed a little push from someone telling you “You can do this”. I am that someone today. I mean, you still have to drop in yourself, but with this “Beginner’s Guide to Creating Freedom to Ride” I’ve created for you, you’re one big step closer to winning from your fear. The fear of not living this life that seems perfect from the outside. I would love to meet you on the trails one day, instead of from behind your screen!

My gift to you: The “Beginner’s Guide to Creating Freedom to Ride” is available for you Enduro Mountainbike Magazine readers through this BeWicked page. Drop your email address and I’ll send you the guide that may change your life! And like Enduro Mountain bike Magazine: it’s for FREE!

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Cheers, Roy Rovers

Photo: Fabian Rapp

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