Review: Schwalbe Dirty Dan Mud Tire

Enduro riders are usually looking for the best compromise for the widest array of conditions. With regard to tires, this means the lowest rolling resistance with the best possible grip and safety.


At about 920 grams, the Schwalbe Dirty Dan FR in 2.35” is definitely not a lightweight. But what use is a fast rolling light tire filled with mud, barely offering any grip under adverse conditions? Right. No use at all. Our test rider Dan(iel) “threw on” his namesake “dirty” and witnessed Dirty Dan work its magic.

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With its rough, mud-penetrating lugs, this Schwalbe tire not only guarantees security on downhills, but is also very convenient on muddy uphills. There were parts of the track where his buddies failed miserably and their wheels were spinning, but Daniel passed masterfully – despite his tiny calves.


Schwalbe Dirty Dan – Price: 55€

Besides, rolling resistance is relative on muddy tracks. What really counts are grip, guidance, and a not too squishy feeling in the lateral borderline when it gets down to harder ground. Lateral curve claws ensure a soft transition while cornering. No sign of losing control! Thanks to a soft Vertstar rubber composition, the Dirty Dan grips well on stone or roots too.

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