Photo Essay: What We Ride – SB66 CARBON

I remember not so long ago, my quiver consisted of a dirt jump bike, a cross country bike, a long travel cross country bike, and a downhill bike. I would mix and match which bike I would ride depending on where I was going, the type of terrain, and the duration of the ride.

That is no longer the case, the SB66 Carbon is more often than not the only bike that leaves my garage.

That is no longer the case, the SB66 Carbon is more often than not the only bike that leaves my garage.


It allows me to ride everything from epic XC rides to our local DH shuttle runs, without changing a thing on my setup. Even with the advent of the larger wheel platforms I still find, along with almost every other employee here at Yeti, the 26” wheel size of the SB66 the most versatile and fun to ride.


Myself and fellow Yeti employees Chris Heath and Ross Milan decided to see how far we could push our SB66’s and hit up one of our local DH spots. I could tell we were all a bit nervous but at the same time quite eager to get some airtime on a work day.


If there is one thing consistent across the board with Yeti employees, its that they are competitive. Especially ones that used to race DH professionally against each other. The day progressed into a game of who could one up who and hit the bigger jump or slash the corner harder.


After a few crashes, a flat tire, and nothing but smiles, the day came to an end with a new found appreciation for the versatility of the one bike setup.


What is your do-it-all bike?

Words: Joey Schusler Photos: Yeti

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