Brian Head Resort in Brian Head, UT, is regaining it’s once mountain bike mecca status by creating a multi-year mountain bike expansion plan. The new mountain bike additions will start in 2014 by adding a second lift to its lift served mountain biking experience. This second lift will allow for new trails and new riding styles that have never been featured at Brian Head Resort.


With the growth of slope style mountain biking and its first time appearance in the X Games, Brian Head Resort will be adapting this new style by developing a top to bottom flow trail. The new trail will follow the Navajo Lift starting at the top of the mountain with non stop action until the base is reached, covering a distance of over 4000ft. with a vertical drop of 640ft. The flow trail will have a variety of elements such as rollers, dirt jumps, hips and wood features.


The second lift will also allow for additional beginner and intermediate terrain in addition to the flow trail. This terrain will allow the recreational biker to enjoy the mountain just as much as the expert rider. A trail system will link the Navajo Lift and to Giant Steps Lift by incorporating the Brian Head Town Trail. This will allow bikers to enjoy a cross country loop and both mountains. Brian Head Resort is better than ever as it improves its mountain biking experience.

About Brian Head Resort

Established in 1964, Brian Head Resort offers guests access to 650 acres of lift-served trails. Brian Head Resort is located approximately three hours from Las Vegas, Nev. and four hours from Salt Lake City, Utah. The 1,320 feet of lift-served vertical, offers miles of gravity fed trails. The area features mountain biking, hiking, disc golf, geocaching, and family activities. For more information, please visit

Photos courtesy of Joseph Thompson