USWE F4 PRO 3,0L B-R (1 von 1)

Jury Verdict

After just a few metres on the first rough trail using the USWE F4 Pro Hydration Pack, you’ll ask yourself why all other rucksacks aren’t fitted with the ‘No Dancing Monkey’ four point retention system. The stability, comfort and fit of the faultlessly constructed backpack are impressive and unmatched by any other pack. Combined with an effective size adjustment, a perfectly functioning drink bladder and sufficient attachment points for helmet and protectors, the F4 Pro Hydration Pack isn’t just the perfect companion for all bike adventures – it is simply the best bike rucksack available on the market.

USWE F4 PRO 3,0L B-R (1 von 1)-2

Price: 119,95 € | Weight: 842 g

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