Vecnum moveloc (1 von 1)

Jury Verdict

The advantages of a dropper seatpost are undeniable, which is why this feature is an absolute must-have for trail and enduro bikes. But let’s be honest, when it comes to maintenance, there’s hardly a seatpost out there that can guarantee long-term trail fun. Thankfully there’s now the Vecnum moveLOC! The high-end post from the Allgau-based company impresses with its simple and ingenious technology: even if one part fails it will still continue working. In addition, not only is it the lightest in its class, but it also possesses the largest adjustment range on the market with up to 200mm of drop. The post is designed for maximum strength from top-to-bottom, minimum maintenance, and maximum function even in the case of a failure – German engineering at its best!

Vecnum moveloc (1 von 1)-2

Price: 369 € | Weight: 573 g | Adjustment range: 140–200mm

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