Last October 26th -27th in the coastal town of Pineda de Mar (Barcelona) the 1st Enduro Pineda Rocs celebration took place. It was an event that consisted of an Enduro race BTT and an exhibition of products related to the discipline.


Not only did the exhibition feature the latest brands of bikes, components and accessories there was also music from different DJ’s and a bar. The location just 30 meters from the beach, and the good weather of the weekend ensured that over 2000 people turned up to enjoy the great environment.

enduro 7 enduro 8

The participants received a welcome bag with a T-shirt of the event, a couple of magazines and plenty of stickers. It was something that participants valued a lot. The organization was formed by more than 70 people in the mountains and 15 more around the exhibition. Different institutions were involved with the event. We also set a field hospital to treat possible wounds.

With more than 225 enrolled riders, five special stages, and a loop of 35 kms, the riders could enjoy a funny, quick, and technical itinerary.

enduro 6 enduro 4

The first two special stages were really fast, they didn’t feature much difficulty and most participants used them for a warm up. The third stage was more technical for everyone. The area of rocks, roots, and multiple obstacles caused difficulties in the area, however, this section was the most enjoyable of the race.

The two timed parts were a combination of speed and technique. The beginning of stage 4 offered awesome views of the sea. It had pedal power effort, different slopes, dangerous cactus, and rocks which caused some suffering to the riders.

enduro 9 enduro 3

The fifth stage was the climax of the Enduro. It was fast from the beginning, finishing in an area called “de tubo” where there were a lot of people cheering and encouraging the participants. The audience wanted the riders to offer some spectacular tricks. According to some riders “there was an amazing atmosphere everywhere, but especially in the last part where it seemed that they were riding a race of the world championship of Downhill. The spectators and controllers encouraged us a lot to keep going even we were exhausted.”

enduro 2

Once the race finished, we celebrated with a nice meal for all the participants, free massages by a company of physiotherapists, raffles, and more.

In spite of having some incidents with the electronic timekeeping, the majority of participants, team members, sponsors and spectators were enthusiastic about the 1st Enduro Pineda Rocs celebration. The event was classified as a success and people are already counting the days until the next event. Luckily, there weren’t any serious injuries, only some inevitable scratches.

Words & Photos: Pineda Rocs PR

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