Best of Test 2017 – All Winning Bikes of this Season

What a year it has been! Just like our latest issue, Times are changing, but before we move into a new year, it’s time to review the highlights from our 2017 ENDURO comparison tests.

In the last 12 months, we have tested a total of 43 bikes in 5 different group tests and the results could not be more exciting. We asked ourselves how much trail bike you can get for €3000 and found out that the price says nothing about the qualities of a bike. We then invited the creme de la creme of the trail bike segment to see just how far these bikes can be pushed. And if you want to know which is the fastest enduro bike of 2018 or which offers the best bang for your buck, check out our review of 2017 to find out.

A Bike for All Situations – 9 of the most Exciting Trail Bikes of 2017 on Test

Let’s admit it: very few of us will willingly walk into a compromise. And why would we? Isn’t life about having the ultimate of everything? But what if the ultimate bike is actually one big compromise? Take trail bikes: they’re capable of riding everything, but doesn’t that elusive state of perfection across all terrain somehow evade them? Yet that’s exactly what makes them the ultimate bike for us. We’ve been out testing nine of the new season’s sickest steeds and wondering where compromise cuts in.

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Best in test:: Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29

Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29 | € 7,999 | 11.90 kg

A veritable rocket, the Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29 takes on the ups and downs with headiness! Superior in terms of efficiency, it handles like a true hero and delivers a superb suspension performance. For anyone looking for an unassailable all-round trail missile that’s equally as capable of long rides as well as quick post-work blasts without any compromises when it comes to its beastly downhill nature, then the Trek Fuel EX is where your search ends. A well-deserved test win!

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Best value: YT JEFFSY 29 CF PRO

YT JEFFSY CF PRO | € 3,999 | 12.95 kg

You’ll be putty in the hands of the incredibly sorted YT JEFFSY 29 CF Pro! The bike handles with directness and gives precise feedback from the ground. Its spec and art gallery aesthetic won’t give you any reason to grumble. So if you’re looking for a snappy, efficient trail bike for a good price, then this is our Best Value tip!

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