The BikeYoke REVIVE is packed with engineering ingenuity. With one of the smoothest actions in our test, could it also deliver a smooth ownership experience?

Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

BikeYoke REVIVE 185 | 583 g | 185 mm as tested | € 419 including Triggy Remote

We were highly impressed with the BikeYoke REVIVE 160 dropper post in our previous test. The IFP free design and resulting fewer seals gave it a super smooth feel through the stroke. BikeYoke have now released a longer 185 mm REVIVE, meaning it is now available in 125mm, 160mm and 185mm options. With its extremely low 45 mm stack height the BikeYoke REVIVE can offer shorter-legged riders more travel in the same amount of space. The clamp head is beautifully engineered, with a shaped top cap that allows more adjustment of the saddle’s fore/aft position, good for those who like to sit far forwards. The saddle can be fitted without completely undoing the seat clamp bolts or requiring three hands. BikeYoke have clearly put user experience at the forefront, and installation is simple with graduated markings etched into the side of the post showing how long to cut the cable. However, as length adjustments are made at the post-end, adjustment is fiddlier than posts where the cable is clamped at the remote. Nonetheless, in over 2 years testing we’ve had no unexpected reliability issues.

The one-piece lower gives maximum support to the bushings and the 185 mm post has never suffered from any binding, even with the rider weight applied at extreme angles.

The unique REVIVE valve on the BikeYoke REVIVE lets you quickly refresh the post should it become spongy
Clear etchings and cable cutting guides make installation of the BikeYoke REVIVE effortless
The BikeYoke Triggy remote is simple and easy to fit. However, the convex shape of the paddle polarised some testers.
Post Price Total length1 Max insertion2 Ride height3 Stack height4 Travel [mm] Weight (incl. remote) Mechanism
BikeYoke REVIVE € 434 (with Triggy) 520 mm 290 mm 206 mm 45 mm 125 – 160 – 185 583 g Cable

As mentioned, the BikeYoke REVIVE does away with the conventional IFP design that is common to most hydraulic posts. This simplifies the design and halves the number of seals required, reducing friction. However, occasionally oil and air can mix, resulting in a spongy post. To remedy this, BikeYoke have fitted a unique ‘REVIVE’ valve. If the post develops sag, simply use a 4mm hex tool to open the valve on the side of the post head and depress the post fully. Abracadabra! All the sag will be gone. We found on the previous 160 mm model we were testing, that we had to use the REVIVE valve more than expected, every 5 rides or so. However the 185 mm model on test here only needed attention once a month. That’s fine if you keep a multitool handy, given that it only takes a second to do.

The 43 g Triggy remote (with MMX clamp) is beautifully smooth, ergonomic and has no lateral play. Made out of 6061-T6 aluminium it’s compatible with most common brake mounts, but also comes with a 22.2 mm clamp if needed. The action of the post through its travel is rivalled only by the RockShox Reverb C1 and only light pressure on the remote is needed to initiate movement. You can adjust return speed by accessing a valve under the seat clamp, but an adaptor (included) is needed to connect the pump.


The BikeYoke REVIVE 185 is beautifully made and comes with a host of clever features. With a low stack height, it also features one of the smoothest actions in this test. If you appreciate intelligent engineering and don’t mind the occasional need to ‘revive’ your post, the BikeYoke REVIVE 185 is a class act.


  • beautifully made
  • light action and damped stroke
  • great remote


  • needs ‘reviving’ more than IFP posts
  • expensive

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Here you’ll find an overview of the best mountain bike dropper posts in review.

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