Offset Bushes

In DH offset bushes have now been used for years by lots of the top riders, they slacken the head angle and also lower the BB height and visa-versa. This worked for Marc Beaumont on his race winning Val Di Sol World Cup of 2010. They are now getting more and more popular even in the Enduro bike market, as riders can do an “on the fly” BB height and head angle adjustment to suite certain tracks. The head angle can be slackened or sharpened up to 1.5 degrees, depending on shock bolt thicknesses. This worked out a treat for my GT, as I had removed the head slackening adjustable headset plus the BB height on my bike is known to be too high. I put it to it’s first test at the UK Gravity Innerleithen, where it wasn’t short of pedalling between stages and the downhills were steep and gnarly. They really did work a treat, transforming the bike, it felt easier up the hills and just seemed to soak up all the big hits with confident ease. All I can say is it does what it says on the tin and that’s what we want!

The hardware is made from grade 5 Titanium. Which is significantly lighter than its steel hardware counterpart, but still maintaining the same excellent wear rating when compared to OE aluminium ones; Approximately 3 times. The hardware comes supplied with a proprietary o-ring seal to keep out as much of the elements as possible, as well as DU bushes. The Hardware will suit all ½” shock eyelets; Fox, Marzocchi, Rock Shox 08 onwards.

Costs £46.99
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Words: Jim Buchanan

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