Fibrax has amazingly been producing brake parts since 1902, and after moving to Wrexham in North Wales in the 1970’s has been at the forefront of car and cycle braking technology for quite some time. Often seen as an aftermarket option to your bikes’ fitted braking system, you may choose to go for the non original option when fitting fresh pads or replacing that bent disc. Seen here are Fibrax’s version of the 180mm disc and pad to fit the Hope Stealth Evo, they produce the big breaking organic or longer lasting sintered pad to compliment their round or wavy disc rotors.

Also available for that trick factory look are braided hoses, to fit hydraulic brakes, cable brakes and gears (or as seen in pic, even cable pull dropper posts) These not only look good, but are a hell of a lot tougher in a big tumble or when getting snagged on branches or other bikes in transit.

Universal Hydraulic Hose Kit (front) £33.49 (rear) £39.99
Powershift silver braided gear cable 2 mtrs (with inner cable and silver ferrules) £8.99
Rotors can be bought as a twin pack for as little as £32.28 per pair

There are tons of different pads, so lots of different prices. All can be checked out at


Words & photos: Jim Buchanan

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