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Invisiframe are a Shropshire based company, offering frame protection with a difference. It started in the usual way, owner Lee Regan was sick of frame scuffs and cable routing rubs on his bike, so decided to get some decent clear vinyl and sort the problem out with his own version of a bike wrap, he sussed out an efficient way of wrapping the frame, bubble, wrinkle and crease free, it worked, looked mint and his mates were the next customers, more and more people wanted it done till he was in the position to set up a proper business called Invisiframe.

When I bought my bike last autumn I was put in touch with him, as locally he came highly recommended. On arrival I was given a very impressive demo. “Basically I wanted some top vinyl, and found some made by 3M, this stuff is used on the front of 200mph Nas cars for racing in America” he passed me a sheet of the thick vinyl you can buy online and told me to push his pen through it, bosch, it was through with the lightest of pushes! “Now try our stuff” The 3M stuff is so much thinner and stiffer and sure enough I literally had to push with all my might to pierce it, impressive, I was sold!

He covered all my frame, forks and cranks (all black parts) Now after 6 months, lots of mud, rocks, sand, crashes and jet-washes, every bit is still on the bike and it all still looks like new, it really is impressive!

If you want to apply the kits yourself, they start at £50 with free UK shipping, if you would like them fitted, they need the bike for 48 hours, fitment £20. Kits are available in gloss and matte. They also do accessories like dot sheets, crank covers and fork covers in gloss and matte.

Words: Jim Buchanan Photos: Doc Ward (

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