Renthal, coming from Manchester in the heart of England are known for their quality products, but not only are they quality, they also have that unique bling look about them, these Fatbar Lite bars, Lock-on grips and gorgeous looking Duo stem are of no exception. I have been running these now (sent to me as part of my up-coming Brit Build feature) for about two months and they are superb. They have been ridden hard, raced, thrashed and crashed and still look and perform the same as new.



The Lite version look the same as the more DH specific Fatbar (seen in pics above) and come in at a much more Enduro suitable 740mm long, I had no need to cut them down before fitting, which is made simple by the laser etched lines for centralising and positioning, working in conjunction with the Duo stem. These are an optimised lightweight tapered tube, giving them more of a trail (non DH) specific feel.



This is my personal favourite, it just looks so unique and trick, with it’s two part split design, optimising strength with low weight and that bling looking black and gold style, it has the lines etched in to line up the bars and weighs in at 143g (including bolts).



The Kevlar version of these grips is the longer lasting of the various choices, and lets face it, your average Enduro rider spends many hours in the saddle, so long lasting is key. They are comfy, grippy and look the part when matched with the bar and stem.
24.99 (soft, medium and super comfort £21.99)

Words: Jim Buchanan Photos: Doc Ward (

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