Bryan Regnier beim letzten Lauf der Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure mit seinem Santa Cruz (Tallboy???)
Bryan Regnier at the last stop of the Enduro World Series 2013 in Finale Ligure.

With a growing range of enduro specific bikes, YT Industries has now turned its attention to the Enduro World Series! Looking to make its mark on the EWS circus they have recently signed Bryan Regnier to represent the manufacturer in 2014.

Bryan Regnier may not be a name that you are familiar with, but some of you will connect his name to Cedric Gracia and his Racing Brigade, and the very well informed may know that he is originally from the MOTO X business.

A big character, he is certainly crazy enough to join the extraordinary YT Industries Team featuring Andreu Lacondeguy. It is hoped that the French man from Marseille will not only show his incredible racing skills at the Enduro World Series events, but also his unique style. He convinced the guys from YT Industries with his good Party-Racing-Ratio. Bryan is able to party hard and have a hell of a good time, then just show up at the race and get into the top 15 without the support from the big team, he is a perfect fit to become a YT Industries Athlete.

Bryan Regnier  - hier mit der Französin Isabeau Courdurier -  immer zu einem Spass bereit!
Bryan Regnier has not only skills on the bike! A fun-loving character just like Cedric!

As he was taught by the mentor Cedric Gracia, Bryan knows that the people want more than just ordinary racing. He will use the support from YT Industries to show the more exciting side of enduro mountain biking. It is not just about results and podiums – for Bryan and YT the focus is also on the fun and the good time on the bike.

Markus Flossmann, founder and CEO YT Industries:

“I am very happy to welcome Bryan, one of the most friendly and most talented young riders of the Enduro World Series, to our team. Bryan has proved that he is able to ride in the top field and that on the other hand the fun and the joy of mountain biking never falls short. With his extraordinary personality and his huge lust for life Bryan is just the perfect match and a natural choice for YT Industries.”

Portrait 2902

Bryan Regnier: “I am very happy to ride for YT Industries from now on. It is not just the great bikes they make, it is also the way of thinking of the whole company. When you meet the guys from YT the first time, you already feel like you have been with them forever. For them it is the most important thing to have a great time with bikes and second thing is to make business.”

Here’s a video of Bryan and Cedric Gracia in Les-2-Alpes.

Words: Press Release YT Industries Photos: Manfred Schmitt, YT Industries

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