I got to spend a few days getting to know Kyle Norbraten, pro rider for Specialized, in Santa Cruz, CA last month. He’s one of these guys that we get to know or meet only a few of in our lives. “The nicest guy around” could easily be his official title and one that everyone who has ever met him uses when describing him. Kyle is easy going, polite, kind, and his laugh lights up a room. Loud and with gusto, it’s not a laugh that overtakes a room because it’s a cackle, it’s one that catches you by volume alone, and because you want to join in with him in whatever he’s laughing about.

The boys at Coastal Crew have been hard at work, and May 10th opened their Gravity Park on the Sunshine Coast of BC.
The boys at Coastal Crew have been hard at work, and May 10th opened their Gravity Park on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

From the heart and genuine is what I remember the most about our conversation, when talking to Kyle about the Coastal Gravity Park, which he and two partners, Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton, opened yesterday. Kyle was noticeably excited about people coming to his stomping grounds and riding trails that he helped build. He was also pumped to be able to share his home area and give back to a place to has given so much to him. Kyle would never take any credit for himself, “Everybody’s just working together to make this happen.”

One of the partners in the Coast Gravity Park, Dylan Dunkerton, had this to say about what’s happening on the Sunshine Coast, and why it’s important to be building trails where they grew up. “It’s all being driven by locals. People who have been born and raised here and just wanting this place to benefit the community. We’re out here to provide an area where people can go and have fun and be happy out in the woods and appreciate what they have here.”

Pro riders had nothing but positive feedback for the new park. Brett Rheeder loved it. “Pretty much the best trails I’ve ever ridden in my life. We’re all addicted to it, this is insane. This is the best riding I’ve done all year.”

The Gravity Park will have a user-friendly shuttle system for 2014 to access trails carved through pristine low elevation ocean front forest. They’re accepting day pass reservations, and because it’s a shuttle only system, you do have to reserve in advance, so book your spots and go find out what makes this area a must hit riding destination.

We wish nothing but the best to the Coastal Crew in their endeavors with the Coast Gravity Park. They have lines for all skill levels, maybe you’ll see me up there on the green runs. Can’t wait. Find out more info over on their website.

Coast Gravity Park Announces Opening Date! from The Coastal Crew on Vimeo.

Words: Daniel Dunn

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