We’ve just come back from a trip to Andorra where we had the chance to ride the new Commencal Meta 2014 range. During the 2 days of shredding the local’s secret trails around the bike park Vallnord we’ve put 3 different wheel sizes to the test. Here come some impressions from the past days:

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-6

Good morning helicopter. This morning the excitement of getting up the mountain in the fastest way possible made us more awake than any dark coffee could do.

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-5

The bikes getting prepared for the shuttle. Due to the fast “alpine” trail characters that would expect us on the peak I chose the Meta AM 29 that excels with its secure performance at high speed.

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-8

Let’s fly high! Next stop: Casamanya at 2740 meters of elevation.

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-9

On the top of the mountain we felt like in paradise. Wild horses, snowy mountains, amazing views and good fellows to hammer down. Could we ask for more? No!

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-10

“I am faster than you” – PEF is riding first in front of all the journos.

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014

3 bikes, 3 wheel sizes and more than 3 different opinions …

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-3

Having a beer and discussion with legendary Commencal founder Max Commencal.

Commencal meta am 650b 27.5 enduro sx 2014-4

Commencal has its own “Sport’s Bar” in La Massana, a good place to hang out, drink beers and have a good time. Commencal offers a huge range of kids bikes for badass young guns that want to ride freeride, dirt jump bikes or any other fun discipline on the bike with their cool daddy. This night not only the kids would ride this mini bike around the bar …

So what’s new at Commencal for 2014? Find out here soon!

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