Base layers – over-rated or swear by them? Sometimes a tricky one to answer but definitely not the case when it comes to the CRAFT Be Active Extreme Windstopper, when our decision has definitely been swayed in the favour of this windproof base layer.

We first have to anticipate that our test rider Manne is fairly sensitive to the wind, and prefers adding an extra layer for warmth as soon as a breeze threatens to turn into anything stronger. However, apparel that promises the aptly-named WINDSTOPPER function should mean that extra layer can be left in the wardrobe, but is it always the case? In the case of this CRAFT short-sleeved base layer, you can just sling on a short or long-sleeved jersey over the base layer to ride. As it has proven over the past four months, the WINDSTOPPER membrane does an exemplary job as you slice through cold air, substantially hindering any loss of heat from your upper body and preventing the cold wind from penetrating.

Funktionsunterwäsche mit WINDSTOPPER-Funktion – zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe? Nach mehreren hundert Höhenmeter am Stück bildeten sich feuchten Stellen unter dem WINDSTOPPER, nicht jedoch am Rücken.
Two for the price of one? A base layer that doubles as a WINDSTOPPER? After climbing several hundred vertical metres, there were a few visible signs of sweat on the WINDSTOPPER, but no sweat patches to be seen on the rider’s back.

Lightweight, stretchy and tight-fitting, the CRAFT Be Active Extreme Windstopper features great wind protection for your chest and shoulders on those chillier, windier days.

Für den Windschutz sorgt auf der Vorderseite des Funktionsshirts die WINDSTOPPER-Laminierung von Gore.
The front of the jersey has been designed with Gore WINDSTOPPER panels in exposed areas.
Insbesonders bei langen Abfahrten kann die Funktionsunterwäsche mit WINDSTOPPER-Funktion von CRAFT ihre Vorteile zur Geltung bringen.
It’s on those long descents that the WINDSTOPPER strengths of the CRAFT top come to the fore.
Der schmale Stehkragen (ohne WINDSTOPPER-Funktion) umschließt den Hals ohne einzuengen und ist angenehm weich.
Despite not featuring the WINDSTOPPER function, the collar is small, soft and well designed without being overly tight around the neck.
Even after four months of heavy use, the seams of the CRAFT be Active Extreme Windstopper show no sign of wearing out.
Even after four months of heavy use, the seams show no sign of wearing out.
Manne hatte die Funktionswäsche CRAFT Be Active Extreme Windstopper Shortsleeve über 4 Monate im Test.
Manne has been testing the short-sleeved CRAFT Be Active Extreme Windstopper base layer for the past four month.

CRAFT Be Active Extreme Windstopper

Retail price: € 59.95
Sizes: S (4) – XXL (8)
Weight: 115 g (size L)
Material: 100% Polyester (Windstopper: 92% Polyester, 8% ePTFE)
Care instruction: 60° wash, may be tumble dried


Having been put through its paces on the rigorous climbs in South Tirol and forced to perform on the equally tough downhills, the CRAFT Be Active Extreme WINDSTOPPER base layer has kept its climate and executed its task well. In daily use on windy days and cooler temperatures, it’s the only base layer that Manne would reach for in the wardrobe – a decision based not only on its performance, but also on its comfort and fit.

For more information head toCraftsportswear Webseite.

Words: Manne Schmitt Photos: Catherine Smith

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