If any post needs to be good, it’s the Highline. Crank Brothers’ previous post offered much, but crumbled under the pressure of the trail.

Here you’ll find our recent comparison test of the best mtb dropper post.

Fortunately, with the Highline, Crank Brothers are back on top form. The post highlights Crank Brothers’ passion for design, with an execution that screams high quality. At its launch, there was one big problem: it was 125 mm only. It was thus a sort of victory for Crank Brothers, but also a step sideways. Crank Brothers listened and now the post is available in a 160 mm too. Internally, rather than focusing on user serviceability, Crank Brothers have opted to keep things easy by using a sealed replaceable cartridge, backed by a three-year warranty. Simplicity continues to the installation, and with a high-quality Jagwire cable fixed at the remote end, adjustments are quick and easy. Anyone who has spend hours looking for bolts on the garage floor will love the slotted seatpost head that means the seat can be fitted without fully removing the bolts. The impressive 46 mm stack height gives you more travel in less space, and a Quick-Connect system means you can remove the post without tools.

Crank Brothers’ eye for design is showcased once again with the superb remote which uses a ball joint to offer endless possibilities, and it’s held in place with a slim clamp that does not clutter up your bar. On the trail we loved the clever remote lever that was easy to position for maximum comfort. The post return speed is fixed at the factory, but just fast enough to still be catchable at the midpoint. However, those who like the post to slam up or down may find it a little slow. Even after extensive testing the post has been nothing but reliable, developing no play or creep, and only the slow return speed was noted by the test team. Finally, Crank Brothers have delivered a post that not only showcases their innovative design, but also backs it up with solid reliability.

Drops: 125 mm/160 mm
Weight: 578 g/39 g (post/remote)
Price: €349


  • Infinite adjustment
  • Fantastic remote


  • Quick-Connect a little plasticky
  • Non-serviceable cartridge

For more information head to crankbrothers.com

Here you’ll find our recent comparison test of the best mtb dropper post.

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