The Enduro World Series (EWS) and Cube Bikes are excited to announce a groundbreaking new addition to Enduro World Series events. Cube will provide e-MTBs for journalists and photographers covering the race, allowing them to get easier access to the race tracks. All details directly from the EWS organisers: 

At all of the Series’ four European rounds this season, Cube will offer accredited media the use of an e-bike to assist in their coverage. Journalists and photographers that want to get closer to the action than ever before will be given access to Cube’s fleet of Stereo 160 Hybrids, allowing them to pedal the liaisons with ease and get into the hardest to reach locations whilst still offering them maximum performance out on the trails.


Since its inception four years ago, the EWS has always tried to ensure their events are easy and fun for the media to cover, providing them with shuttles to help them get around the long liaison stages. And whilst a shuttle service will still be available, the e-bikes will offer the media more freedom and independence in their race coverage, without being bound by a strict timetable. The e-bikes will also help reduce the number of vehicles needed for an ever growing media attendance – easing pressure on the local organisers as well as cutting down on traffic for the riders to contend with on the liaison stages.

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “We are so excited about this new partnership with Cube. We believe the addition of these e-bikes will really enhance the already excellent coverage coming out of our European races – media will be able to get closer to the race than ever before, which means even better coverage for the fans. I’ve ridden the Stereo 160 Hybrid and it really opened my eyes to not just how practical e-bikes can be, but also how fun they are. E-bikes are a relatively new addition to the mountain bike scene and some people still treat them with a degree of suspicion, but they’re a lot of fun and definitely the most efficient way to get around the hill.”


Marko Haas of Cube Bikes, added: “This bike is built for tough trails and hard ascending thanks to a stronger motor and 160mm of suspension. The Stereo Hybrid 160 has earned the right to wear this name because we’re confident it can meet even the most stringent demands of high level enduro riding.”

Cube Bikes will be offering 20 e-bikes to accredited media at all of the European Enduro World Series rounds, starting at round three, the Emerald Enduro Presented By in County Wicklow this weekend.

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Words & Photos: Enduro World Series