How much innovation is actually necessary? What’s the standard of performance to expect from a brand’s cheapest model? What and how are we going to be riding in the future? What does honesty really look like? Why is it sometimes better to part ways? This issue is crammed with answers, along with even more questions.


More than forty industry and cycling experts have tested 2016’s most exciting and innovative products and discussed the most important trends facing the cycling world. Although ENDURO initially founded the Design & Innovation Award, it has now evolved into its own independent global event. Amongst this year’s participants, the DI.A welcomed international journalists from a host of other cycling outlets, bike developers, World Cup athletes, and specialists in biomechanics.


Who won the Awards? Who deserved the Industry Award? Head to page 9 or read the articles on the magazine overview to get all the answers. Trust us – after reading this, you’ll be smarter. You’ll be up to speed on the future hurdles facing bike development, as well as the challenges faced by future races.

enduro-bike-group-test-review-9030 (1)

Setting the right wheels in motion for the future is hugely important, but we still need to take care of the present. This issue contains our People’s Bike group test, in which some wallet-friendly models excelled while others disappointed. Starting on page 20, we reveal which bikes under €2,599 are worth buying.


Now we’ve reached the next topic: honesty, transparency, and a long-term approach when it comes to you guys and the industry. In issue #019 we presented our Opinion Leader concept, laying out our cards about what’s important for a good magazine. Clear values, an enthusiastic team, and an open-minded philosophy mean that ENDURO is prepped for the future and ready to reach out to the whole world of mountain biking.


But welcoming the future always involves a goodbye… although in my case it’s a pretty pain-free farewell. Forcing on blindly won’t get any further – separations and closure are massively important. In fact, sometimes you need to move on in order to find new ideas and new inspiration by meeting new people and encountering new issues.

With every new inspiration, the future changes. So who knows – maybe I’ll be back soon. If so, then I’ll definitely be wiser, more experienced, and more dedicated than ever.

In the meantime I’m going to focus on our new projects, one of which is the world’s first independent bike university (which we are setting up). I’ll be pushing on with the Top100 Bike Shop Program in order to support retailers, and I’ll help generate new funding for local communities and groups with the Local Heroes project.

Moreover, I’ll have time to work on our new GRAN FONDO – Cycling Magazine, set to become the voice of the new generation of road cyclists. Bikes, adventure, passion, performance, beer, the great outdoors and – above all – fun. Sounds a lot like ENDURO, right? Road cycling is on the verge of a huge transformation, and will be more exciting than ever! Be part of it and check out


As you’ll see on page 36, we’ve long been advocates of e-mountain bikes. So much more than just mountain bikes with a handy motor, there’s only one magazine that does justice to this ‘new’ type of cycling. Back in 2013 we launched E-MOUNTAINBIKE, the world’s first e-mountain bike magazine, and have massively influenced the E-MTB development through our tests and trailblazing articles. Published three times a year in a purely digital magazine format, you can also check out the articles on to read the coolest stories and the best tests from the world of ePerformance.


After twenty issues of ENDURO and forty months of pioneering spirit, I want to thank our thirty-strong team, who have made each issue and shaped what ENDURO is today. Of course, I’d also like to thank you guys for your amazing feedback, and all our friends and supporters!

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ENDURO will now be headed by Christoph Bayer, who’ll take over as chief editor in a role that he’s long familiar with, having worked doggedly alongside me on each issue and shaped ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine with his extensive knowledge and distinctive style. I’m confident that ENDURO will continue to progress under his influence. But he won’t be alone: UK chief editor Trevor Worsey, who’s just opened a new ENDURO office in Scotland, and US editor Steffen Gronegger will be on hand for an international perspective and intensive discourse.

robinSo as you can see, we won’t accept the world as it is. We want to change it, and hopefully improve it a little – both on and off the bike.

Have a great 2016 season!
Cheers, Robin

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About the author

Robin Schmitt

Robin is one of the two founders of 41 Publishing, a visionary and go-getter. While he now enjoys every second on the bike – whenever his busy schedule allows – he used to race against the clock at enduro events and a few Downhill World Cups. Besides that, Robin practises kung fu and Zen meditation, plays the cello or with his dog (which actually belongs to his girlfriend), travels abroad and still reviews numerous bikes himself. Progressive ideas, new projects and major challenges – Robin loves exploring undiscovered potential and getting to the bottom of new trends.