Throughout the year we have presented you with a daily dose of the best bike videos – our video section has nearly 1000 entries already! But which videos did our team like best? We asked our editors for their personal favorites, and have put together an ‘editors choice’ hotlist that will be sure to blow your socks off. Enjoy!

Trev Worsey, Chief Editor UK, Innerleithen (UK)


This is an easy one for me. Danny Macaskills ‘The Ridge’ was breathtaking, terrifying, beautiful, stunning, and transcended mountain biking media to go viral in the non biking community. The music perfectly complemented the soul of Scotland, and the videography was sublime. The real star of the show was the Cuillin Ridge, but it took Danny’s skill and Stu’s vision to show it at its best. It also promoted a generation of young rippers to ride full pelt at fences!

Aaron Steinke, Web Director, Stuttgart (GER)

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I think in 2014 there were so many high-class videos like never before, it’s absolutely awesome how professional even small productions are nowadays. Also I like the fact, that there are more and more “enduro-specific” (non-word of the year?!) videos out there. But for me one series was outstanding: I’m literally in love with the “Business as Usual”-Episodes by the Dudes of Hazzard! The perfect mix of bonkers ideas, awesome trail riding and great editing. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check it out!

Jim Buchanan, UK Editor, Shrewsbury (UK)

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There are so many videos out there, but to me they are all a bit clinical, perfect sunshine, dry dusty trails, wide open sections, massive alpine backdrops, yadda, yadda yadda. I like one of the UK vids which breaks this mould. Josh (Ratboy) Bryceland nailing some wet muddy UK woodland trails with the utmost of skill in the Fox clothing video. He shows just how much fun can be had in a wet mucky UK wood; and just how much skill is needed to be the fastest DH rider in the world. His riding in the video is a mix of out of control, but still in full command, of the bike as he slides around corners just riding on the back wheel like the true boss he is, full thumbs-up from me.

Christoph Bayer, Chief Editor Germany, Murnau (GER)

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I found my favourite video of the year just recently on the Facebook wall of a befriended editor. It features BMX-Pro Kris Fox who is slaying skateparks, industrial locations and dirt lines with an incredible amount of style and speed. He proves, that a great clip doesn’t need countless tricks, cutting edge camera equipment and spectacular slow-mo shots to be great! The right action, style and speed in combination with creative line choices and the metal music by Metallica make this on my 2014’s favorite.

Joe Parkin, Chief Editor USA, Chicago (USA)


I’ll go ahead and admit a bit of personal bias about this, since I was involved with the project, but SRAM’s “Steps to the Top” series was absolutely brilliant. I wrote some words to introduce each one of the videos, but I cannot claim any influence on the camera operations or editing. I’m still super proud to have had even a slight connection to the work done by the boys at Mind Spark Cinema at Crankworx 2014.

If you haven’t seen the videos, they focused on a day in the life of an athlete at Crankworx, and featured Damien Oton for the Whistler EWS event, Marcelo Gutierrez for the Garbanzo DH, Finn Isles for the Whip Off World Championship and various athletes for Red Bull Joyride. There’s a ton of great camera work and bike riding on the internet, but without a story, most of them just become meaningless “bike porn.” What make these videos special for me is that they actually tell a story — there’s a beginning, middle and end.

Tyler Malcomson, Intern, Ontario (CAN)

Ever after posting dozens of videos and viewing hundreds this year, the decision surprisingly came quite easily. Watching Jeff Kendall-Weed ride Tahoe gave me the almost irresistible urge to to ride. Something about that trail, the variety of terrain, it just looks so fun! That, combined with his stylish and entertaining riding, the scenery, fitting music and great filming made it a winner for me.

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