E.thirteen are renowned for their performance-orientated products that show a distinct race-ready nature. For 2016 the American company have expanded their portfolio to include several exciting and above all super lightweight components. Alongside new lightweight carbon wheels and carbon chainguides, they’ve brought their new 9-44 cassette to the crowds at Eurobike.

Riesig: die neue 9-44 Zahn Kassette konnte am Stand von E13 ausprobiert werden.
Giant: the new 9-44 cassette could be tried out at E13’s EUROBIKE stand.

E13 TRS+ cassette

Coming in both a 10-speed (9-42) and an 11-speed version (9-44), the new E.thirteen TRS+ cassette should significantly increase the gear range of 1x drivetrains without eating into any of the familiar advantages. According to E13, they’re compatible with both Shimano and SRAM shifters. Each cassette consists of three parts, which can also be purchased individually – guaranteeing cheaper repairs if any premature wear and tear occurs. For those who end up regretting their choice of cassette, it’s easy to change between the 10-speed and 11-speed, simply by swapping the upper part of the cassette. The huge gear ratio comes with a pretty serious price tag though: 289 € (10-speed) and 319 € (11-speed)

Die neue E13 TRS+ Kassette ist sowohl für 10-fach als auch 11-fach Antriebe erhältlich und besitzt eine Bandbreite von 9-42 bzw. 9-44 Zähne.
The new E13 TRS+ cassette is available for 10 and 11-speed drivetrains and features ratios of 9-42 and 9-44.
Der untere Teil der Kassette ist bei der 10- und 11-fach-Variante identisch. Die Kassette unterscheidet sich lediglich über die oberen 2- bzw. 3-Ritzel.
Both the 10 and 11-speed cassettes share an identical lower part, and the top part varies with either 2 or 3 sprockets.
Zur Montage der Kassette wird ein XD-Freilaufkörper benötigt. Auf ihn werden die oberen Ritzel aufgeschraubt und die unteren im Anschluss eingehakt.
An XD freehub body is needed for the cassette. The top sprocket is screwed onto it and the lower one is slotted into place.
Der untere Teil der Kassette besteht aus zwei, verschraubten Teilen. Im Falle von vorzeitigen Verschleiß lassen sich die einzelnen Ritzel so günstig ersetzen ohne das eine komplett neue Kassette erworben werden muss.
The lower part of the cassette is put together with screws rather than bonded. In the event of premature wear and tear, the individual sprockets can be replaced on the cheap without having to buy an entire cassette.

E13 TRSr Race carbon cranks

The E13 stand also introduced us to yet another new product, the E13 TSRr Race carbon cranks, which consist of two carbon crank arms and the familiar EXAr aluminium axle. They’re compatible with either 1x or 2x chainrings, and the tool needed to swap the chainrings comes supplied with the delivery along with the tool for removing the inner bearings and the plastic protector for the high quality cranks (at the pedal end). The cranks weigh 441 g (without chainring), and 507 g including a 32-tooth chainring. Length-wise, you can choose between 170 mm and 175 mm.

Die neue E13 TSR Race Carbon-Kurbel wiegt 441 g (ohne Kettenblatt) und ist für einen Preis von 569 € erhältlich.
The new E13 TSR Race Carbon cranks weigh 441 g (without chainring) and have an RRP of 569 €.
Die Kunststoffprotektoren sollen die edlen Kurbelenden vor Beschädigungen schützen.
The plastic protector should protect the well-made pedal ends of the cranks from damage.
Verschiedene Kettenblätter lassen sich einfach mit den E13 eigenen Lockring  montieren.
To swap the chainring, it’s a simple process of removing the lock ring after taking off the cranks.
Über den APS genannten Ring wird das Lagerspiel eingestellt.
The load on the bearings is set using the APS ring.

E13 LG1 Race & TRS Race carbon chainguide

E13 are surely best known for their chainguides, which have undergone an extensive overhaul for the coming season. Not only do they feature a chainguide constructed out of two different materials that E13 claim reduces chain noise, but they now come with an optional carbon baseplate. Depending on the model, this saves around 10 g.

Die E13 LG1 Race Carbon Kettenführung kostet 229 € und wiegt rund 164 g.
The E13 LG1 Race carbon chainguide costs 229 € and weighs around 164 g.
Alle Kettenführungen verfügen über T25-Schrauben und Markierungen um die Justage zu erleichtern.
All of the chainguides have T25 screws and markings to simplify the process of aligning them.
Der obere Käfig kann ohne Werkzeug geöffnet werden.
The upper guide can be opened without the need for any tools.
Die leichte TRS Race Carbon-Kettenführung wiegt lediglich 52 g, kostet aber stolze 109 €.
The lightweight TRS Race carbon chainguide weighs just 52g, but asks for a hefty 109 €.

E13 TRS Race carbon wheels

Alongside the first carbon cranks, E13 also took to EUROBIKE to present their TRS Race carbon wheels. Designed for enduro, this wheelset features hookless carbon rims with a 27 mm inner diameter, 28 spokes and the familiar 660 freewheel technology with just a 6° engage angle. While weight is kept to a minimum, tipping the scales at a tidy 1,690 g, the price sits firmly at the upper end of the scale: 1,749 € for the wheelset. The TRS Race carbon wheels come in both 27.5″ and 29″ versions for 135/142 mm or 148 mm (Boost) rears and 100×15 mm or 110×115 mm forks.

Die neuen E13 TRS Race-Carbonlaufräder wiegen 1690 g (27,5") und kosten 1.749 €.
The new E13 TRS Race carbon wheels weigh 1690 g (27.5″) and cost 1,749 €.
Im Lieferumfang der Laufräder enthalten: das Tubeless-Felgenband und der Ventileinsatz.
Included in your order: the tubeless rim tape and valve.
28 silberne Speichen sollen für optimale Steifigkeit und Haltbarkeit sorgen.
28 silver spokes should guarantee the optimal rigidity and durability.
E13 bietet den Laufradsatz mit verschiedenen Decalfarben an.
Style your Bike: E13’s wheelset comes with a variety of different coloured details.

All the info on the newest E.thirteen products can be found at: bythehive.com

Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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