<strongOn top of their revamped apparel and protection collection, ION presented their brand new AC_COOLING concept for backpacks at this year’s EUROBIKE. Just like the rest of ION’s products, the innovative backpack is primed for functionality. Here’s the low-down.

Von den Shirts über die Protektoren bis hin zum Rucksack – bei ION steht 2016 die Funktion im Fokus.
From tops via protective wear to backpacks, ION have placed functionality at the fore with their 2016 collection.

ION TRANSOM rucksack

The TRANSOM rucksack has an entirely new carrying system, back protection and a volume of either 16 or 24 litres.

For both 16 and 24 litres, the TRANSOM features the familiar features such as 2-litre bladder, rain cape, tool holder and plenty of space. Neither the helmet mount nor the back protector, which was designed alongside SAS-TEC, are new to the world of riding, as they’ve featured on other manufacturers’ backpacks previously. The protector can take multi-impacts, and its air vents ensure great ventilation, a pleasant fit on your back and a low weight.
However, the newest feature is the unique carrying system, as it features a climbing-harness-esque hip belt for extra support. Straps on the side mean you can slacken the backpack off, which is especially beneficial on climbs to increase airflow around your back. Once the climb’s over though, you can pull it back to a tight fit. Efficient and cool, the system is known as AC_COOLING and it was duly awarded a coveted EUROBIKE Award at the trade fair.

Das AC_COOLING-System stellt den Rucksack für den Uphill nach hinten aus ...
The AC_COOLING system frees up your back for climbs …
… und lässt sich in Sekunden wieder in den Downhillmodus bringen.
… and can be brought back into downhill mode within seconds.

The rest of the backpack’s features are equally as practical and well thought-out. Coming in two sizes, its carrying system also allows for further tuning to the rider’s body. The V-String Carrying system has been designed to ensure that the backpack remains securely held on your back in the event of a crash. The shoulder straps are wide to reduce discomfort. If you’re not carrying that much, the compression straps allow you to tighten the bag to keep things from jumping around.

Auch die Schulterriemen sorgen für Tragekomfort und gute Belüftung.
Even the shoulder straps have been designed for comfort and ventilation.
Per Compression-Straps lässt sich das Volumen des Rucksacks komprimieren. Im Uphill könnten hier auch die Knieschoner untergebracht werden.
The straps on the front and sides allow you to compress the volume of the bag, and handily can be used for your knee protectors on climbs.

K_LITE_Zip knee protectors

Der neue K_LITE_Zip-Knieschoner kommt in vier Größen und den Farben Olive, Grau und Schwarz.
The new K_LITE_Zip knee protectors come in four sizes and three colours: olive, grey and back.

ION claim that K_LITE_Zip is an even more improved version of their K_LITE, and this incarnation features a zip so that the it is even quicker to pull on. The protectors are still lightweight and well ventilated, offering sufficient protection thanks to the SAS-TEC insert. Interior silicon straps and Velcro ensure the knee protector stays in place.

Per Reißverschluss lässt sich der Schoner schnell und komfortabel an- und ausziehen.
The zips ensure the knee protector is quick and easy to put on and take off.
Der Klettstrap hält Reißverschluss und Knieschoner in Position.
The Velcro keeps it secure.

Revamped jerseys

Das neue HELIX-Trikot besteht zu 34 % aus Partikeln von Bambusfasern.
The new HELIX jersey is comprised of up to 34% bamboo fibres.

Have riding jerseys reached their peak? Nope! ION haven’t just given their jerseys a new design for 2016, but they’ve also revised their material choices. A higher proportion of wool should mean more comfort, without impacting on their quick-drying properties.
The HELIX jersey is a brand new addition to ION’s portfolio, which utilizes particles from bamboo fibres to ensure a cooling effect, with the result being that it is more functional than previous materials used. Ranging from size S to XXL, the jersey comes in two colour options: pink/blue and black/white.

Bei den bekannten Modellen wurde das Frontmaterial optimiert.
The material used at the front of their familiar jerseys has been optimized for 2016.

RADIANT jacket

Die Vorderseite der RADIANT besteht aus gefüttertem, wind- und wasserabweisendem Material ...
The front side of the RADIANT is lined and made from windproof and water resistant material.
… die Rückseite aus weichem, isolierenden Vlies.
… while the backside is made of a soft, thermal fleece material.

The brand new RADIANT jacket can be held up as a further example of ION’s seriously functional products, as the front side has both a lining as well as being wind and water resistant. The backside of the RADIANT is created with a thermal but breathable fleece material, rendering the jacket an ideal companion for chilly winter rides. The jacket also features ION’s familiar integrated glasses cleaning cloth. Coming in two colour options, the jacket is available in five sizes.

Prices and delivery information are yet to be disclosed but keep an eye on ion-products.com/bike for more information on the products..

Words: Daniel Schlicke Photos: Christoph Bayer

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