Known for its ‘No More Dancing Monkey’ harness system, the backpack makers USWE have just unveiled their extensively overhauled portfolio of products at this year’s EUROBIKE. Awarded a Gold award at 2015’s Design & Innovation Award, USWE have launched a range of new and improved familiar backpacks as well as some brand new innovations.

The USWE Airborne range

Previously entitled the F series, this range has undergone a full-on revision and now bears the name Airborne, but it has retained certain proven features like the divided compartments and the ‘No More Dancing Monkey’ harness system. The 2016 backpacks are made entirely from a new material, which isn’t just lighter but also more stable. Additionally, the manufacturing process has been fine-tuned to feature fewer seams and a subsequent cleaner look.

Durch den neuen Werkstoff hebt sich der Airborne optisch klar vom Vorgängermodell ab.
The new material for the 2016 Airborne model is markedly different to its predecessor.
Die bewährte Fächeraufteilung wurde von der letztjährigen F-Serie übernommen.
The popular compartment system from last year’s F series has been retained.
Erfrischend: Mit Pink und Neon setzt USWE farbliche Akzente.
A breath of fresh air: USWE adopt some colourful tones in pink and neon.
Das „No More Dancing Monkey“-Befestigungssystem bleibt das Alleinstellungsmerkmal von USWE.
The No More Dancing Monkey harness system is still USWE’s USP.

Just like the F series, the Airbone coms in four sizes, offering either 2, 3, 9 or 15 litres of storage. The 2016 colours include blue, black, pink and neon yellow.

The USWE Patriot series

USWE’s newest high-end backpack design is the Patriot, which comes with either 9 or 15 litres of storage. The backpacks include an integrated back protector that should come in useful in the event of a crash.

Der Patriot ist das neue Topmodell von USWE.
The Patriot is USWE’s latest top of the range backpack.
Mit einem integrierten Rückenprotektor soll der Patriot auch den Rücken vor Verletzungen schützen.
The integrated back protector on the Patriot should prevent any serious damage from being done if a crash occurs.
Dank der Werkzeugtasche ist das eingepackte Werkzeug schnell erreichbar und bleibt an Ort und Stelle.
Thanks to the tool pocket, you’ll always know where to find them in a hurry.
Während das Rot gedeckt wirkt, ist die Wüsten-Camouflage-Optik ein bisschen auffälliger.
While the red is pretty modest, the desert camo errs on the eccentric side.

The Patriot also features a specific pocket for your tools, which is within easy reach. In terms of colours, it comes in either red or desert camo, and will retail in the region of 169 € and 199 € – bladder included.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Klaus Kneist

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