While the past few years have seen more and more companies appearing to pursue the sole aim of sparking epileptic fits, Zimtstern are one company who have mercifully stayed true to their own style and not allowed themselves to be carried along on this fleeting wave. As we had the luxury of observing at EUROBIKE, their 2016 collection has undergone neither superfluous alterations nor heavy-handed re-designing.


Trail collection

For 2016, Zimtstern’s trail collection has received a more tailored fit, created with more lightweight materials, which makes it ideal for those riders who give equal gas on the climbs as on the descents. Stretchy sections have been included in the design to ensure full range of movement.

Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1150 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1153 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1158 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1162 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1165

Besides just creating functional and fashionable apparel, the company have paid their dues to sustainability as well, opting for S-Cafe yarn as the base material. Can it get much more eco-hipster than a material created with coffee grounds?

Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1185 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1191 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1201 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1196

Moreover, the collection hides a host of cool, intimate details such as the Santa Stella print on the inside of the clothing, purported to guarantee protection from Zimtstern’s alleged patron saint of bikers.

Freeride collection

Following the mantra of ‘if it ain’t broke’, Zimtstern haven’t made a whole deal of changes to their freeride collection, which sees the apparel with a more casual cut, offering practical features such as an extra pocket that handily looks after the much-needed lift ticket for all the bike park heroes.

Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1175 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1204 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1213 Zimtstern_Eurobike_2015_www.enduro-mtb.com_KlausKneist_KKM1217

All of the new 2016 collection should be available by March 2016.

For more information head to zimtstern.com.

Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Klaus Kneist

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