Cannondale today announced the launch of their all-new 2015 OverMountain lineup. In addition to the new Jekyll with 27.5″ wheels and updated suspension, they unveiled the new Trigger, also availble in the 27.5″ format.

Cannondale Jekyll 27.5″ 2015


Cannondale Jekyll 27.5 Carbon Team – 6.499 Euro

Having seen Jerome Clementz riding and racing (and winning!) with the new 27.5″ Jekyll for quite some time, details of Cannondales new race enduro bike have finally been unveiled: Featuring an updated geometry and a new version of the Fox DYAD rear shock, the bike claims to be one of the most versatile available. The hard facts:

  • Rear travel: 160 millimeters in Flow Mode, 95 in Elevate Mode
  • Front travel: 160 millimters
  • Wheelsize: 27.5″
  • Intended use: Enduro race / trail
  • Full carbon or alloy frame options
  • slacker geometry: 67° head angle
  • 74.9° seat angle for increased uphill performance
  • new 50 millimeter stem

Working with the feedback from Enduro World Champion Jerome Clementz, Cannondale focused on the performance of the DYAD rear shock, increasing responsiveness and the range of adjustments. The “Attitude Adjust” feature still works in the same way: Using a remote lever, the rider can easily change both the geometry and travel of the bike. In the Elevate Mode, the travel of the Jekyll is reduced to 95 millimeters, thus increasing the uphill performance. With the activation of Flow Mode, geometry get’s lower and slacker and the full travel of 160 millimeters is unleashed.


Cannondale Jekyll 27.5″ Carbon 2 – 4.499 Euro

The top-models are equipped with Cannondale’s long-awaited Lefty Supermax single side fork with updated damping system and 160 millimeters of travel.

Cannondale offers two alloy versions and two carbon versions of the bike, starting at 2.599 euro for the alloy bike and 4.499 for the carbon version.

Cannondale Trigger 27.5″ 2015

Cannondale Trigger 27.5" Carbon Team - 6.499 Euro
Cannondale Trigger 27.5″ Carbon Team – 6.499 Euro

While the Trigger 29 remains unchanged, Cannondale offers a 27.5″ version of their proven trailbike for 2015. The Trigger 27.5″ features the same Attitude Adjust System as the Jekyll, but with less travel and a not so aggressive geometry. Still, with slacker angles and a shorter stem, the bike should be more capable than its more XC oriented predecessors.

  • Rear travel: 140 millimeters in Flow Mode, 85 in Elevate Mode
  • Front travel: 140 millimters
  • Wheelsize: 27.5″
  • Intended use: trail
  • Full carbon or alloy frame options
  • 68° head angle
  • 73.5° seat angle
  • 60 millimeter stem

There will be two alloy versions (starting at 2.599 euro) and three carbon versions (4.499 euro to 8.999 euro) of the new Trigger 27.5″.

According to Cannondale, first models are shipping to their dealers already and should be available very soon.

More info and full specs:

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