Evoc is well known as a manufacturer of high-end bike back packs, travel backs and more. The guys from Munich presented some interesting new products for next season at Eurobike. New bags (Trance 18L, Stage 12L, FR Porter & Trail Builder 30L), the Trail Worker Suit and the completely updated Bike Travel Bag Pro.

Ganz neu fürs nächste Jahr: Der EVOC Stage 12L wird für 115 € erhältlich sein.

New in 2015: The EVOC Stage 12L (115 EUR).

Evoc will extend its performance range with two new technical back packs in 2015: the Trance 18L and the Stage 12L. Both back packs come with the Brace Link system, which adapts perfectly onto the persons shoulder width. In order to increase comfort the bags will be available with a new cooling system.

Das Brace Link genannte System soll eine optimale Anpassung an die Schluterbreite ermöglichen.

The Brace Link system enables perfect adjustment on to the carriers shoulders.

Auch die Hüftgurte der beiden Rucksäcke wurden extra leicht und Luftdurchlässig gefertigt.

The hip straps of both back packs are manufactured especially light and breathable.

Das Air Flow Contact genannte Rückensystem soll mit Hilfe von EVA-Pads für eine optimale Luftzirkulation sorgen.

The Air Flow Contact back system makes sure that air can circulate perfectly with the help of EVA pads.

Optimal für Racer: Das Werkzeugfach verfügt über einen Schnellzugriff.

Perfect for racing cyclists: the tool case can be reached in seconds.

Next season will also bring the optimised Travel bag and one will be able to purchase a Pro version of the popular model. This was made lighter and comes with a new frame construct and several more details. It is available for 490 EUR including the well known Road Bike adapter.

Alles neu: Dank neuem Rahmen und Innenleben ist die neue Bike Travel Bag Pro deutlich leichter und stabiler als das bisher bekannte Modell.

Everything new: thanks to a new frame and internal parts the new Travel Bag Pro is lighter than the previous model.

Hochwertig bis ins Detail: Auch die Reisverschlüsse machen einen edlen Eindruck.

High-end in every detail: even the zip fasteners look great.

Am edlen Alumiumgriff kann zusätzlich ein drittes Rad befestigt werden. So kann die Tasche dann bequem geschoben werden.

A third wheel can be attached to ensure that one can push the bag comfortably.

A back protector is very useful in urban surroundings. This is the reason why Evoc presents us with a FR Porter 18L back pack. One is then perfectly protected on the way to work. Naturally, the pockets have been adapted for urban usage. A soft laptop pocket and a well aired back system are just a few features worth mentioning.

Der Evoc FR Porter Rucksack wurde auf für den urbanen Einsatz konzipiert und überzeugt mit edler Anmutung.

The Evoc FR Porter back pack has been adapted for urban usage and convinces with a fine looks.

Das große gepolsterte Fach bietet genug Platz für einen Laptop.

The large soft pocket offers enough storage space for a laptop.

Dank des luftigen Rückensystems soll der Fahrer auf dem Weg zur Arbeit nicht ins Schwitzen geraten.

One won’t be able to sweat too easily on one’s way to work with the back air cooling system.

Everyone who loves building one’s own trails will enjoy Evoc’s new two products: the Trail Builder back pack and the Trail Worker Suit. Both are especially develped for rough use in the forests and are delivered with stable and long lasting materials, as well as several clever details. The back pack comes with 30 liters of space and is available for 240 EUR. The strong overall will be priced at 350 EUR.

Mit dem robusten Trail Builder Rucksack lässt sich sämtliches Material in den Wald transportieren.

The strong Trail Builder back pack can transport lots of material.

Auch eine Hacke findet Platz an dem Rucksack.

A pick can be placed in the back pack.

Praktisch: Das Rain Cover dient gleichzeitig als Warnschild.

Practical: the rain cover can be used as a warning sign.

Im separaten Nail Wrap finden Nägel und Kleinteile Platz.

The seperate Nail Wrap offers space for nails and other small parts.

Der Trail Worker Suit verfügt über etliche praktische Details und besteht aus funktionellen und robusten Material.

The Trail Worker Suit comes with several practical features and is made out of functional, as well as strong material.

Every owner of several back packs will have noticed the following problem before. When something breaks, one notices that the tools are in a different back pack. Evoc has found a solution for the previous problem: the tool pouch is a separate bag, which can be placed into different bags. It comes with clever divisions and makes it easy to swap tools from one bag to another.

Die Evoc Tool Pouch ist für 35,00 € erhältlich.

The Evoc Tool Pouch is available for 35 EUR.

Inside out: Die Werkzeugtasche kann auch andersrum genutzt werden und bietet so schnellen Zugriff.

Inside out: the bag can be used both ways.

More information: www.evocsports.com

Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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