Lupine are known for their bright lights and extraordinary quality. What has been missing so far has been a rear light. This is about to change, as the germans have presented us with a new 2 watts (160 lumen) rear light: The Rotlicht with interesting features, such as the brake sensor.

The Rotlicht only weighs 55g, comes with 180° lighting angle and 160 lumen performance. The integrated 830mAh battery can be charged via USB connector and guarantees 1h 30 min of light – 20 hours depending on the settings. Next to an automatic light sensor, which enables the light to adapt to its surrounding light, the Rotlicht offers a braking light, which increases the brightness when braking. It is priced at €85.00.

Wie passend: Lupine hat das Rücklicht  auf den Namen Rotlicht getauft.
How fitting: The light is called Rotlicht, which translates into red light.
Lupine typisch verfügt auch das Rotlicht über verschiedene frei programmierbare Leuchtstufen.
Lupine offers four different brightness settings.
Dank des elastischen Band lässt sich das Rücklicht schnell und einfach am Rahmen, Sattelstütze oder anderen Bauteilen fixieren.
It is easy to fix onto the bike because of an elastic band.

Super light and high performance is offered by the new Lupine NEO helmet lamp. Only weighing 50g and offering 700 lumen brightness, it is perfect for head usage, Thanks to the built-in lens the light manages to lighten up its surroundings by 120m. At the same time it offers a high beam angle. Together with the battery it is available for €180.00.

Leicht, leichter, Lupine Neo.
Light, lighter, Lupine Neo.
Auch bei der Lupine Neo lassen sich die Leuchtstufen an die jeweiligen Bedürfnisse anpassen.
The Lupoine NEO makes it easy to change brightness levels.
The light weighs a total of 175g..
The light weighs just 175g.

Lupine also has a real highlight for all gadget fans on offer: the USB One Adapter. This adapter makes it easy to charge smartphones with the help of Lupine’s battery. Price: €15.00.

Handy leer? Kein Problem! Mit dem Adapter hat man auch unterwegs ausreichend Energie an Bord.
Smartphone’s battery empty? No problem, with the help of the adapter one can easily charge one’s mobile phone.
Klein und leicht passt er in jede Hosen- oder Trikot-Tasche.
Small and light it fits into every bag.

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Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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