We were blown away when FOX presented the latest generation of their 36 series – maximum performance at a minimum weight. Our only criticism of these new miracle forks was the bolt-up axle system, which can work with both the 15 or 20mm axles. The American suspension specialists Maverick decided to tackle this issue, launching the Q36R, a quick-release axle system to simplify matters. Could this propel the 36 forks to the top of the game? Find out here.


When FOX developed the latest 36 fork, their focus lay on combining the lowest weight possible with the maximum performance – and this development led to a drop in serviceability. As the axle is bolted on – with tools needed to undertake any adjustments – your patience is tested on the trail as you take your wheel on and off. Riders who rely on transporting their bike in their cars are the ones who found this time-consuming hassle the most frustrating – but now there’s a potential solution in the shape of Maverick’s quick-release axle.


Maverick Suspension have launched a kit that replaces the four FOX pinch bolts with Maverick quick releases on the bottom of both fork legs. Using a special nut and bolt, a lever is added to the thru axle, allowing you to tighten the axle without tools.


The set consists of a lever for the thru axle with attaching nut and bolt, as well as two quick releases with two specific screws that pass through the cam shoe, which thread into a pivot pin. Weighing 99g (according to the manufacturer), the system should vastly increase the ease of usability.


Installing the quick releases is an easy process. Thanks to the supplied instruction manual, setting them up correctly doesn’t take very long. Attaching the lever onto the axle takes patience because the screws have to be inserted through the 4mm hexagonal hole (where the Allen key would normally be placed to remove axle).

The bolts for the levers come with a cam shoe and can simply be threaded into the pivot pin, which is placed inside the lever. The leverage power is a little higher compared to other FOX products and there’s no lock on the levers because the necessary leverage power constantly increases.
The build quality doesn’t quite match the rest of the forks, but it’s solid and functional.


Bottom line:

For a retail price of $89, you get a well-functioning kit that can make your FOX 36 forks easier to work with. This is exactly what riders who have to often swap front wheels have been looking for.

More info at mavericksuspension.com

Words: Sebastian Gierulski | Photos: Klaus Kneist

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