Mavic is known as a manufacturer of high-functionality clothes, well though-out wheels and high-quality shoes. The french manufacturer presented us with new light Crossmax SL wheels and a new clothing range called Stratos.

Mavic präsentiert für 2015 farblich perfekt abgestimmte Produktlinien.
Mavic presents us with new harmonized colour schemes.

The Convertible Jacket is a new highly functional mountain bike jacket. Mixing different material makes the jacket especially light and breathable, as well as offering high protection against wind and rain. The XL-Vent guarantees good air circulation. The special zip fasteners allow removal of the sleeves in a matter of seconds, and the jacket weighs just 140g, is available in five sizes (S – XXL) and is priced at €160.00.

Neu für 2015: Die Mavic Stratos Convertible Jacke und Stratos H2O Hose.
New for 2015: The Mavic Stratos Convertible coat and Stratos H2O trousers.
Während die Front über ein wasserdichtes Material verfügt ist der Rücken mit besonders atmungsaktiven Material ausgestattet.
The front is made out of special waterproof material, while the back is equipped with breathable material.
Das XL Vent System sorgt für eine gute Belüftung.
The XL Vent system guarantees good air circulation.
Die Ärmel der Jacke lassen sich innerhalb von Sekunden entfernen.
The special zip fasteners help to remove the sleeves in matter of seconds.

The new waterproof Stratos H20 trousers have a 10,000 waterproof rating, weigh 170g and are priced at €170.00.

Mobile phones and keys can be easily stored in two pockets.
Mobile phones and keys can be easily stored in two pockets.
Ein Stretch-Einsatz ermöglicht eine bestmögliche Passform der Hose.
Stretch material makes the trousers fit perfectly.

The new Mavic Crossmax SL wheels will replace the popular Crossmax SLR. The new ISM 4D rims is available in all three wheel sizes for €950. The weight sits at 1390g (26″), 1470g (27,5″) and 1520g (29″).

An den Naben findet der Faserverbundsstoff Carbon Anwendung um das Gewicht der Laufräder weiter zu reduzieren.
The hubs are made out of carbon in order to reduce the overall weight.
Komplett neu entwickelte Felgen sollen für minimale Trägheit der Laufräder sorgen.
Completely newly developed rims guarantee maximum momentum.
Für all denen der knallgelbe Crossmax Schuh zu auffällig war präsentiert Mavic nun eine schwarze Variante des Schuhs.
The Crossmax Shoe is now available in black, for everyone who wasn’t sure about the earlier bright yellow colour..

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Text & Photos: Christoph Bayer

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