Wide tyres are very much en trend right now – and rightly so given their benefits over skinny ones. Even the veritable wheel experts at Easton have recognized this, and consequently expanded their product portfolio with a new wheel collection known as HEIST. And the best thing? Whatever the purpose, there are three different widths for these wheels.

Entitled HEIST24, HEIST27 and HEIST30, the Americans have employed the figure in the name to denote the rim’s inner width. With the 24er rim intended primarily for XC racers, the wider 30er is envisioned for the serious enduro racer.

Die Easton HEIST-Laufräder sind in drei breiten, zwei Laufradgrößen und für einen stets gleichen Preis von 620 € erhältlich.
The Easton HEIST wheels come in three widths, two wheel sizes and the consistent price of 620 €.

An overview of the benefits of wider rims.

Fact: Wider rims result in increased air volume within the tyre. Depending on the model, Easton have declared that up to 20% more air is facilitated with the same air pressure. According to them, this gives the following immediate advantages:

  • Better roll-over characteristics = less rolling resistance
  • Increased traction and more grip as the tyres can be run with less air pressure
  • More stable positioning of the tyres on the rims resulting in less burping.
Die Easton HEIST-Laufräder kommen im schlichten Design – uns gefällts!
The Easton HEIST wheels have a stylish design and look great with boldly colourful bikes.

The wheels

The Easton HEIST wheels consist of the classic 3 cross wheel lacing, and are sold with tubeless-ready rims and valve. All three rim widths have Easton’s brand new X5 hub. The wheels come in either 27.5″ or 29″ and can be adjusted to fit all the current axle and freehub standards. A Boost-compatible model of 148x12mm won’t be ready anytime soon.

Die breite HEIST30-Felge sorgt für einen satten Sitz des Reifens.
The wide HEIST30-Rim is purpose-built for aggressive enduro-riding.
Easton setzt auf bewährtes und verbaut 32, 3-fach gekreuzte Speichen.
Easton have gone for proven 32 spoke, cross 3 wheels.

Easton X5 hub

The new X5 hub permits just one spoke length for the entire wheel and according to Easton it has large, long-lasting bearings that won’t need much preload. The freehub has a 21-tooth ratchet and 3 pawls to ensure reliable power output.

Die neue Easton X5-Nabe verfügt nicht nur über neue stabile Lager, sondern ermöglicht auch die Montage einer einzigen Speichenlänge im gesamten Laufrad-System.
The new Easton X5 hubset doesn’t just have new stable bearings but also enables one single spoke length to be fitted across the wheels.
Das Gewicht der neuen HEIST-Laufräder variiert je nach Laufradgröße und Felgenbreite zwischen 1650g (24 mm, 27,5") und 1880 g (30 mm, 29").
Depending on wheel size and rim width, the HEIST wheels weight between 1650g (24mm, 27.5″) and 1880g (30mm, 29″).


  • Wheel sizes: 27,5″; 29″
  • Widths: 24; 27; 30 mm
  • Weights: 27,5″: 24mm-1650g / 27mm-1750g / 30mm-1790 g | 29″: 24mm-1730g / 27mm-1840g / 30mm-1880g
  • Spokes: 32 / 3 cross
  • Disc brake mounts: 6 hole
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Tubeless-ready: yes
  • Price: 620 €
  • More Info: eastoncycling.com

    Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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