The New Year is upon us, and it’s time to think about the most popular thoughts of most riders and racers, it’s time to set goals for the new season ahead and get fit and healthy. We all make our own personal promises to ourselves and the world, about how we are going to train, change our lifestyle and cut out the crappy food and drink that seem to take over ones life over the festive period. Training has begun, but it’s not just training that will get us up to our target fitness, as we all know a Formula One car will not run on shitty fuel, we have to be putting the right stuff in our body to get the best out of it from training.


Forever products was originally a US company, they have been about since 1978, they now have 9 million distributors in 140 countries. The products themselves are all about natural simplicity, most being based around the use of the plant extract, Aloe Vera. They have a massive array of products, of which several are suited for MTB riders and racers alike, to be used as supplements, food and drink additives and vitamins. They offer huge claims of wondrous benefits for the skin, injuries, internal organs, stamina, performance, recovery, etc, etc.

We at Enduro Mag have been sent some sample products, which have been tested over the last months with great results.


One serving of this per day is claimed to increase energy, offer essential amino acids, contains vitamins C, B6, B12 and K, This is ideal for sports men and women with high muscle mass and is an ideal supplement for muscles, strength and performance.
This certainly isn’t cheap at £60.38 for a 300g tub!

Forever Freedom Orange Flavoured Aloe Vera Juice

A small 60ml cup of this taken every morning with the nutrients of Aloe Vera combined with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, this aids in reducing fatigue and tiredness throughout the day and during exercise.
1ltr tub £28.40

Forever Lite Ultra Food Supplement

This is a kind of meal replacement, but we have been using it as an after-ride drink. Containing aminotein, which is a unique blend of enzymes specifically designed to break down the protein in your diet, the vanilla tastes fine, without the usual minging taste of the other shake drinks.

525g £23.53

Forever Bee Pollen

Taken as tablets, (one per day) natural bee pollen has loads of claimed benefits, including support of the cardiovascular system and as an energy enhancer, great during excessive exercise and as an immune system booster.
100 tablets £12.56

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Words & Photos: Jim Buchanan

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