Sacred Rides did a pretty cool and comprehensive survey recently, inquiring with only women, to find out more what they want, need, or would like to see from mountain biking trips or “camps.” They surveyed 2110 women who mountain bike from around the globe, with multiple questions on everything from skill level, to Guide gender preference.


Some general answers about the participants and then results and quotes.

What level of Mountain Biker are you?

  • Never tried it (26)
  • Beginner (190)
  • Strong Beginner (433)
  • Intermediate (656)
  • Strong Intermediate (525)
  • Advanced (267)
  • Pro (13)
  • Have you ever been on a women’s-specific mountain bike camp or guided activity?

  • Never (1364)
  • Yes, once or twice (424)
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    On a women’s-only MTB trip or skills camp, would you prefer to:

  • use a mountain bike provided by Sacred Rides-for a fee. (1077)
  • bring your own bike (disassemble, pack, fly with and reassemble) (1033)
  • On a women’s-only MTB trip or skills camp, would you prefer:

  • Skills training only (17)
  • Fun riding only (36)
  • Some skills training, mostly fun riding (1209)
  • Some fun riding, mostly skills (848)
  • On a women’s-only MTB trip or skills camp, how important is food quality and selection to you?

  • Not at all: I am happy with Mac and Cheese. (123)
  • Somewhat: I like a selection of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins, but nothing fancy needed. (1650)
  • Very: I only eat organic and/or I only eat grass fed meat and/or I have a food allergy and/or I have food restrictions. (337)
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    Best Memories

    What was the most memorable experience a guide or company provided you on a Women’s Only Trip, Camp or Skills Clinic? (Your example does not have to be MTB specific, although ideal!)

  • “Stories and laughter over wine and snacks after the ride and before dinner” ~ Anonymous
  • “It was a canoe trip and one of the most memorable experiences was that day we did the most challenging paddling, conquering our fears.” ~ Anonymous
  • “Skills clinics in a non-threatening setting – lots of time at each skills section to practice each skill.” ~ Anonymous
  • I’d have to say one of the funniest parts of the trip (that can only happen on a women’s trip) was that my sister who had a 6 month old baby and was still breast feeding really wanted to come but to overcome loosing her milk supply on the 5 day trip she brought a battery powered breast pump(which she vacuum sealed with a wrap) and used it every day a few times a day. Id have to say this is the funniest thing ive ever seen in the backcountry the sound of her in the tent using the breast pump was hilarious, we will never forget that…..something that would ONLY happen on a women’s trip for sure!!! ~ Tammie Wilson
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    Could Be Better

    What was the most frustrating experience you had on a Women’s Only Trip, Camp or Skills Clinic? (Your example does not have to be MTB specific)

  • “Some of the technical bike stuff wasn’t covered like bike maintenance and repair or shall I say preparedness. They just had men do it or assumed we all had men at home to do this.” ~ Anonymous
  • “Women’s group rides/clinics always end up feeling like beginner rides–even when they’re promoted as suitable for “all levels”. Beginners and intermediate riders end up in the same group, which means a slower pace and basic mtb skills review. Sometimes I just want to ride hard and fast with the gals and not wait around while someone has to learn basic mtb skills. More experienced riders end up waiting around a lot for the beginner to catch up. Intermediate and advanced rider groups seem few and far between, while beginner groups are quite plentiful, esp for women. Maybe the term “intermediate rider” needs to be defined and stressed and kept separate from beginner camps/activities.” ~ Anonymous
  • “There were 2 girls who were really very novice riders and they got a ton of one on one coaching from the sweep coach at the back. As the “middle of the pack” girl I never once had a coach follow me down the trail or ride slow enough for me to keep up to her. Still had a great time at the camp but came out feeling that I didn’t progress as much as I might have been able to had I been able to get some of that one on one coaching as well.” ~ Elysia Shone
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    Final Thoughts

    Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share about how to make women’s mountain bike trips/camps more awesome or more appealing?

  • “Women love swag! A little bag with bike socks, a t-shirt or jersey, chocolate, etc would be awesome.” ~ Luwanna Douce
  • “Make trips for different level bikers, or for camps make sure there’s enough coaches to split into groups of different levels.” ~ Anonymous
  • “Mechanical workshops included in the deal.” ~ Anonymous
  • “Be a real clinic to teach how to ride at high levels. I don’t like inauthentic sugarcoated things. In order to spend money and time, it would need to feel like a life changing adventure.” ~ Rachel Cieslewicz
  • Sacred Rides launches line of Women’s Mountain Bike Trips and Skills Camps

    Historically known as the company for serious fat-tire fanatics, typically attracting men aged 35-45, Sacred Rides – the “#1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth” as ranked by National Geographic Adventure magazine, has just launched a full line of Women’s Mountain Bike Trips and Skills Camps. Look out boys!

    “After reviewing and considering results and feedback from over 2,000 mountain biking women worldwide in our recent survey, we’ve gathered a lot of insight into what women want, and don’t want, from a mountain bike adventure.” says Meagan Broughton, Sacred Rides’ Business Development Director.

    Trips for All Skill Levels

    “Their feedback was instrumental in helping to create our new line of trips. The survey confirmed women want to be challenged, and with a little encouragement and safe, professional guidance, be pushed out of their comfort zone. We have developed trips and camps for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level women rider. Regardless of their level, we also concluded most women enjoy post-ride yoga, rejuvenation time, good food, cold beverages – and chocolate – all details you will find in our trips.”

    Sacred Rides have done their homework, and their trip design and offerings attest to their Grade A status. Women looking to get into the sport can take part in a 2-day women’s weekend – Skills, Thrills and Gatineau Hills – offered in Quebec with coach and former National XC Team member Dominique Larocque. Open to all skill levels is the California Women’s Weekend Mountain Bike Skills Camp with pro instructor Johanna Weintrager. Women hearing the call of adventure and culture, can catch a short flight to Costa Rica for the 8-day Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat, or spend a spectacular week at the Rocky Mountain Women’s Mountain Bike Camp, in British Columbia.
    Women’s trips and camps range in price from $495 CAD to $2595 CAD, and typically include lodging, meals, transportation, local guides/instructors… and delicious local dark chocolate.

    “In efforts to create, build and foster a community of women dedicated to learning, progressing and conquering new skills, we’ve also just launched The Women’s Guide to Mountain Biking, a free, comprehensive 61-page guide.” shares Meagan.


    Bring Your Friends

    Solo, with your best girlfriend or an entire bachelorette party, your experience at Sacred Rides Women’s Mountain Bike Trips and Skills Camps will be the talk of your next post-ride dinner party.

    Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures, is ranked “World’s Best MTB Outfitter” by Outside Magazine and “#1 MTB Tour Company on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. Founded in 1996 by Mike Brcic, Sacred Rides operates in 16 countries and growing. In all of its destinations, Sacred Rides emphasizes responsible tourism that makes direct, meaningful contributions to local communities.

    You can find the full results of the very interesting survey, and much more info on the trips Sacred Rides offered, whether it’s a women’s only, or both sexes, trip. They go around the world and would love to show you the goods.


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