The UK’s trade only CORE bike show is a great place for distributors to meet up with retailers, talk bikes and see what’s new for the season. Loaded up on bad service station coffee, the UK ENDURO team took a drive down to see if they could find any cool products that are coming in 2018. Here is a collection of the team favorites.

Endura show new MT500 onesie

Beans and toast, curry and beer, malt whisky and coke, many things just go better together – OK, not the last one, anyone who puts single malt with coke should be fired to the moon. However, sometimes a combination is worth more than the sum of its parts, and when it comes to riding in terrible weather Scottish brand Endura know a thing or two about keeping you dry. We have to admit to really liking their new MT500 onesie, not only does it use their highly breathable 64,000 g/m2 rating ExoShell60 3 layer fabric with 18,000 mm waterproof rating, it also has many vents and looks like a standard jacket and trouser combo. The fact that the lower legs can be zippered off is the icing on the cake. Priced at £400 and available in Autumn 2018, we cannot wait to try one.

Onesies are back – on the left is the new Endura MT500 onsie, it looks like a standard jacket and pants, but is one piece at the back.
Zip off legs let you rock the onesie shorts look.
The back panel is connected, no more crud down your shorts.

For more information check out the Endura website.

Renthal bring the Ultra Tacky compound to their Push-On Grip range.

Back in the day, fitting grips was a very time-consuming process, involving the liberal application of soapy water, hairspray and often swearwords. The invention of lock-on grips changed all that, but the internal plastic sleeve of the lock-on grips meant that the grip had to grow a little thicker to offer the same amount of padding. Renthal has always looked after those looking for minimal grip thickness with maximum padding, and their Push-On grips are the grip of choice for many WC downhillers. Renthal now offer the grip in the popular Ultra Tacky compound, feeling like your hand is superglued to the grip. The 135 mm long grips have a medium flange and will cost £11.99.

Anyone looking for a slim grip that still has maximum absorbtion qualities will love the Renthal Push-Ons
We would also love to tell you what’s in this secret box, but we cannot until the 1st March.

For more information check out the Renthal website.

Backcountry Research Mutherload comes to the UK

Ever since we gave the Backcountry Reseach Mutherload a glowing review, we have received countless emails asking just where the hell to get one. The simple but perfectly formed nylon strap with integrated gear loops provides the perfect solution for riders looking to escape the backpack. Luckily, UK distributor Silverfish will now be distributing throughout the UK, so look out for some cool Backcountry Research products in a shop near you soon.

We love the Backcountry Research Mutherload straps, but until now they have been a pain to find.

For more information check out the Silverfish website.

Hope Technology embrace EMTB with their 6 pot brakes

After extensive testing on the WC circuit, Hope found the eye-watering power of their huge 6 pot brakes worked well, but was perhaps a little over-the-top for most riders. Where they work really well is when hauling down heavier EMTB’s. In usual Hope fashion, we could not obtain any pricing or availability but they look good to go to us.

Hope have descided to pitch their new 6 pot brakes at the EMTB market.

For more information check out the Hope Tech website.

Maxxis slash their 2.6 + tyre prices.

With the well-deserved popularity of the latest 2.6 and larger Maxxis tyres, OEM and UK sales have been astronomical, even at an eye-watering price tag. Now the costs of expensive moulds have been covered, Maxxis are keen to pass the savings back to the customer and will be slashing 37% off the price tag with immediate effect of all 2.6 and larger tyres. We are huge fans of Maxxis rubber and with this huge price slash, there has never been a better time to dabble with some wider treads.

Maxxis slashes (!) the prices of their plus sizes

Crankbrothers f15 Syndicate

In a time where the technology inside of our suspension forks would not look out of place on a Formula 1 car, it can be hard to get excited by a humble multitool. However, we all need to carry one, and when things go wrong a good tool can make the difference between a few quick jests from your friends, or a long walk home. We love the Crankbrothers f15, with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 5, 8mm hex’s, a T25, phillips and standard screwdrivers, a chain tool, spoke wrenches and a bottle opener, all wrapped up in case that closes magnetically with the sublime addictive click of a Zippo lighter, it’s the business. Crankbrothers have just dropped a SYNDICATE branded special edition for even more cool points, priced at £39.99 we can see them selling fast.

The 164g Crankbrothers f15 is one of our team favourites, now it says SYNDICATE on the side, it’s even better

For more information check out the Crankbrothers website.

Nukeproof drop some tough and affordable Horizon wheels

Nukeproof know how to create some tough products, just look at the animals on their race team. Recognising that tough does not always have to mean expensive, Nukeproof have kept their latest wheelset to an amazingly affordable £315, and they look amazing. With a 29mm inner width and tubeless valves and rim-tape pre-installed they are ready to rock and roll. The rear CNC freehub features a 6-pawl offset construction providing a strong a dependable 84 points of engagement for immediate power transfer, just 4.25° engagement. Compatible with Shimano and SRAM (available separately), the 28 straight-spoke wheels are available in both 27.5 and 29-inch options, in both black and this amazing copper colour.

The new Nukeproof Horizon wheels look far sexier than their £315 price tag would suggest.

For more information check out the Nukeproof website.

Lynskey Bootleg Prototype

Aggressive titanium hardtails are hot property at the moment, and few brands have such a long history working with the exotic metal as Lynskey. Until now, Lynskey have walked more on the XC side of the fence, but their UK distributors Hotlines wanted something rowdier – thus the Bootleg was born. A homage to bootleg whiskey and geometry borrowed from gnarlier bikes, the Bootleg prototype has a 64-degree head angle and 425 mm chainstays, still handmade in Tennessee using super clean single pass welds and with a lifetime guarantee, it will be available to buy around April and will cost £1599 for the frame.

The Lynskey Bootleg prototype is going to become a reality.

For more information check out the Hotlines website.

Reynolds bring carbon to the masses

The Reynolds Black Label carbon wheels are things of beauty, light and incredibly strong, but they come with a fearsome price tag to match. Reynolds has now launched a more affordable range of carbon wheels that will appeal to a bigger market. The TR and TRS wheels are all built using the latest impact dispersion matrix carbon with an asymmetrical hookless rim profile. The TRS models feature a Reynolds TR6 Mountain Hub with quick, 5 degrees of engagement and will be offered in 30 mm and 36 mm in 27.5″ and 24 mm and 30 mm in 29″. For those who like to match collar and cuffs, 5 different colour sticker sets are included with the wheels. Costing £1300 they come with Reynolds Lifetime Warranty.

While £1300 is not really cheap, it stacks up very well against the premium price competition.

For more information check out the Upgrade bikes website.

LEATT update 3DF Knee Guards

LEATT’s heritage in keeping us safe on the bike is unquestioned, and their highly protective 3DF pads have many fans. LEATT have now released an updated 6.0 version featuring a new neoprene smooth skin band for maximum comfort and pad retention. The pads use a breathable 3DF AIRFIT foam pad, which hardens in case of an impact and an innovative hard shell split pad that ensures you slide over rather than dig into the ground. Priced at £86.99 we cannot wait to get a pair on test soon.

LEATT’s Knee Guard 3DF 6.0 has been updated. They look bombproof in the flesh.

For more information check out the LEATT website.

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