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Hot Stuff For Cold Days – 8 Great Products for the Winter Season

We mountain bikers seriously have to love being outside, getting high on the thrill of adventure and relishing in the satisfaction of being active – otherwise we just wouldn’t do what we do. Yet with the onset of winter, most of our beloved trails are buried under a carpet of snow and the temperature is way below what we deem acceptable. So, seeing as we have to keep our spirits up during these chillier months, we’ve compiled a list of products that’ll be sure to add some thrills to your day, both on and off the bike.

AVADE Black Shirt


At first glance the AVADE Black Shirt looks pretty standard, but believe us – there’s way more to this jersey than that! Having integrated heating elements on the chest and back, all it takes is one simple push of a button on the right sleeve to start the heat flowing. Feel-good for sure, as the heat then spreads across the entirety of your upper body. Coming in five sizes and two colours, those days of shivering brutally to fend off the chill are history. The shirt is suitable for riding, skiing, hiking, or even kayaking – even with the integrated battery, it is still waterproof and can be worn anywhere.

Price: € 130

BioLite CampStove

Biolite Campstove

Heating and electricity are two staples of today’s world for many of us, but think of those far-flung places, distant from civilization, and then you’ll realize that it isn’t always so easy to get hold of them. Fortunately, BioLite have created a solution: dubbed the CampStove, it runs on wood and generates electricity through its turbine, which in turn can charge your mobile or GPS and the like as you boil water or cook food. The compact piece of kit is about the same size as a regular water bottle, so fitting it into your backpack won’t be an issue. So the next time you manage to hunt down a wild animal, you won’t just be able to eat it – you can also tell your mates about it, seeing as your mobile won’t be running out of battery any time soon.

Price: € 149.95

Giro Range MIPS Helmet


Carving up the piste at high speed or scoring the first line in fresh powder can generate emotions that rank right at the top of the scale – however, feats like this don’t come without their risks. Not only when mountain biking, but also when skiing, helmets are obviously a must-have. The Giro Range MIPS helmet is a snowsports game-changer, setting new standards in the industry with its two-part hard shell construction, adjustment options, and MIPS technology. It offers almost unrivalled protection that hasn’t forsaken a good fit. Thanks to the wisely conceived ventilation system, your head will stay cool even if the sun is out in full force. All your best moments can be captured with ease given the presence of the GoPro-compatible mount as well. As you’ll be the most stylish kid on the slopes, the Giro Range should guarantee a sly queue jump as well!

Price: xxx
Sizes: S, M, L

Haibike XDURO FatSix RX


A true tank amongst e-mountain bikes, the Haibike XDURO FatSix RX boasts massive 4.0″-wide tyres that have to be seen to be believed. The powerful Bosch Performance CX motor powers the bike over any terrain, monster-trucking anything on the trail and transporting you to places that you’ll never have seen before by bike. With its superb spec and well-designed geometry, it’s also a seriously fun bike to ride. Worried about the motor in the cold? No need, as the Gravity Casting Interface is there to protect it. The XDURO FatSix RX does have one potentially limiting factor though, and it comes from the battery life. Fortunately, the 500 Wh performance is up there with the best, and more than sufficient – so what’s stopping you from taking this olive-green tank out for a daytrip?

Price: € 4,599
Sizes: S, M, L

Melt The Absent Ski


“Proudly no waxing!“ reads the promise from Melt, a ski company who have developed a collection of skis that demands no wax. With four available models, we’re particularly taken with The Absent, Melt’s freeride skis. Light enough to mean you’re never reliant on gondolas or lifts for the climbs, they’re also stable enough to hold their own when the gradients get steep. With a design that includes tip & tail rocker, wood cores, and ABS sidewalls, these skis are versatile enough to work well in powder or on the piste. Exclusively available online, you can also order Melt skis with your choice of bindings before sitting patiently and waiting for your ready-to-go skis – all you need now are skills and fresh powder.

Price: from € 389 (excluding bindings)
Available lengths: 183 & 191 cm

Mountain Equipment Glacier 750


The idea of spending a night outside under a starry sky sounds super-romantic, but the reality in winter couldn’t be much further removed thanks to those brutally long, cold nights. But should you want to try it without relinquishing your toes to frostbite, Mountain Equipment have designed the ultra-warm Glacier sleeping bag collection. Exclusively making use of only the highest quality 90/10 down for the filling, a clever chamber system, and a super-breathable wind- and waterproof outer shell, this sleeping bag fulfills its purpose majestically. Suitable for temperatures as low as -12°C, you’ll survive toastily while others might be tempted to throw in the towel far earlier. Thanks to its low weight of just 1,450 g, it’s the ideal companion for your next extreme adventure.

Price: € 449
Weight: 1,450 kg
Comfort zone: -5 °C
Comfort limit: -12 °C
Extreme limit: -30 °C

VAUDE Minaki Short

Vaude Minaki Short

What is it that everyone says? “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.” Whatever it is, VAUDE have just designed a pair of shorts that really can keep you warm while you keep flaunting your legs. The VAUDE Minaki come in three colours and five different sizes. Relying on Primaloft insulation for your thighs and softshell material for your knees and the backs of your legs, these shorts are mega-comfy and water-resistant. With a super-soft interior and velcro pull-fit on the hips, they’ll fit well – and you can wear them with a clear conscience, as they’re guaranteed to be environmentally friendly and produced with sustainable materials.

Price: € 120.00

Vitus Energie Pro


Cyclocross races are reputed to be one of the best methods of winter training for mountain bikers. Seriously, what can be tougher than a sixty-minute race where you’ll be in the red zone right from the gun? Sprinting up steps, on and off the bike, trudging through mud – cyclocross is brutally rapid, competitive, and requires great bike-handling skills. But which bike to use? The Vitus Energie Pro could be your best bet. Not only is the frame superbly made with race-ready geometry, it is also kitted out with a great spec. Its narrow tyres will cut through the soaking terrain quickly to get you in the lead. But it’s not just for racing; this is a brilliant bike to ride throughout the winter, giving you the chance to rediscover those ‘boring’ trails and give them a new lease of life. Fun guaranteed!

Price: € 1,999
Sizes: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 cm

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