With the Ransom 600, you get a lot of bike, rolling on either 24″ or 26″ wheels! It doesn’t just look like the Ransom for adults, it’s also intended to tackle the same terrain. Attention shredders! This smells of steep switchbacks, roots and airtime…

Weight: 13.8 kg | Size recommendation: 122–133 cm | Price: € 1,899 |Manufacturer-website

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With its knobby tires, long-travel air suspension and very specific size recommendation of 122 to 133 cm, the SCOTT doesn’t even pretend to be a good everyday companion. No kid needs a fork with 140 mm travel and rear suspension with 130 mm travel for their daily commute to school – at least not in most areas. SCOTT describe the Ransom 600 as fast and adaptable. We can agree with the former, at least on the descents. It’s 13.8 kg heft doesn’t make it a good climber for children’s legs, especially not with the fat tires that like sticking to the ground more than rolling. However, the Ransom 600 makes for an exciting mini-enduro concept. Its raised, beefy handlebar merges into a very low slung frame towards the center of the bike, offering a lot of freedom of movement. This is underlined by a dropper post. Clearly, this is a thoroughbred shredder that is more sports gear than an all-round workhorse. With the SCOTT, your kids will soon learn manoeuvres and tricks whose names you’ve likely never heard of!

The Ransom 600 has a flip-chip that adapts the frame to be compatible with either 24″ or 26″ wheels. In addition to shorter cranks, that’s it far as child-specific components are concerned. The 26” wheels are off-the-shelf products and handlebar diameter and bottom bracket also rely on standard adult sizes. As such, your kid’s feet will be spread relatively far apart on the pedals and they might have a hard time holding on to the thick grips. Speaking of which, the grips are too soft, allowing the handlebar to easily pierce through them and expose the sharp edges of the handlebar ends. We recommend putting a grip upgrade on the birthday wish list. If you’re going for a mini-enduro, you might as well do it properly! Otherwise, the Ransom 600 makes a hardcore impression with a very grown-up attitude, including details such as a generously sized, rubber chainstay protector. That’s how it’s done!

The brakes on the SCOTT can also be found on many adult bikes, offering plenty of stopping power.
The SCOTT Ransom 600 comes equipped with a dropper post and a very short seat tube. This gives your little ones enough room for wild manoeuvres.
The tires provide lots of grip off-road. However, they’re a lot of work to pedal to school, but that’s not where kids want to go with these anyway.
The sufficiently large chainstay protector keeps the bike quiet and protects the frame.

Overall, the SCOTT Ransom 600 doesn’t care about its unsuitability for commuting to school and instead of being parked by the bus stop, it’s most at home in the queue for the chairlift in the bike park. With its capable suspension, knobby tires, a suitable frame shape for steep descents and a dropper post, that’s exactly where it belongs. We know what’s on your wishlist, little shredders!


  • coherent trail and bike park concept for kids
  • frame can be adapted to 24 and 26 inch wheels
  • a lot of attention to detail for shredding
  • great value for money


  • heavy
  • limited versatility

Find more information here: scott-sports.com

11 exciting concepts at a glance

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Words: Moritz Geisreiter, Peter Walker, Felix Stix Photos: Peter Walker, Daniel Geiger