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GoPro HERO4 Session helmet camera


If you thought the classic GoPro were nice and compact, then just wait until you encounter the brand­new HERO4 Session. This tiny black cube is 50% smaller, 40% lighter, and crammed with a fistful of technology! Two microphones are there to ensure the optimum sound quality, the superview enables terrific wide angles, and the auto low­light mode guarantees you’ll never be without the right light setting. Minus its case, the camera is water-tight for up to ten metres. With its max resolution of 1,400p, the promise of fantastically sharp photos is set in stone. Your creativity is the limit here.

Price: 429.95 €
Weight: 74 g
Resolution: 1440p (30fps)/ 1080p (60fps)
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Push ELEVENSIX(kann gern gedreht werden)

The PUSH ELEVENSIX damper is bike porn at its finest! Created entirely by hand in Colorado, USA, it performs as well as it looks (ie: bloody brilliant!). With two separate suspension oil routes, you can pre­set it on two different settings and simply switch between these while out riding. Prior to delivery, each shock is perfectly primed for your specific bike and riding style after an extensive discussion with one of the suspension experts. Its slight excess weight is wholly forgiven when you consider the huge gains in performance and responsiveness. This shock will transform your bike to a fully loaded weapon, more than ready for action – watch out Strava KOMs, we’re coming for you! Don’t miss our full PUSH ELEVENSIX review.

Price: $ 1,200
Weight: ca. 875 g
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WTB Riddler tyres

WTB Riddler

WTB says farewell to sweat­ inducing climbs! No more soaked­ through t-­shirts and salty faces. Well, perhaps not quite – but the new mid-­profile Riddler tyres boast minimal rolling resistance, and thanks to the huge side lugs, the sidewalls are super strong. Imagine the perfect blend of the lightweight XC tyres Bee Line and the grippy Vigilante. The 27.5″ tyres are made of dual-­compound rubber and available with two different carcasses. The name, if you’re wondering, is an homage to Nathan Riddle, a team athlete who worked alongside WTB to create these tyres.

Weight: 868 g (TCS Light) / 1,108 g (TCS Tough)
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Oakley Jawbreaker glasses

Oakley Jawbreaker

Now synonymous with sporty, stylish, and super­ high ­quality glasses, Oakley have a reputation for great lenses, first ­rate manufacturing, and a distinctive look to boot. Those who can afford it, choose Oakley – and we don’t blame them! The new Jawbreaker is no exception. Initially developed alongside pro road rider Mark Cavendish, they’re more than suited for trails with their edgy look and huge field of vision. Particularly impressive are the adjustable bridge, Switchlock technology for rapid lens swaps, and the contrast enhancing Prizm lenses. Glasses to go fast in!

Price: 209 €
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RockShox Lyrik fork

RockShox Lyrik

The legend returns! Lighter, stiffer and better than ever, the RockShox Lyrik – unchanged since 2011 – is making its comeback! With up to 180mm travel and a weight of just 2,005g, the Lyrik aren’t just for hardcore riders who love a bit of travel: they’re also decent forks for racing with their stiffness and masses of reserve. By using the Torque Caps, the surface area between the hub and forks has been enlarged, which leads to significant gains in stiffness and handling precision. While SKF wiper seals result in less friction and more sensitivity, the well­ known Charger damping guarantees maximal control – anywhere, at any time! Don’t miss our RockShox Lyrik first ride.

Price: from 1,075 €
Weight: from 2,005 g
Travel: 160/170/180 mm (27.5″) 150/160 mm (29″)
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Lezyne Port­a­Shop Tool Kit


Finally the answer is here, and it’s screamingly simple: every single car glove box needs to house the Lezyne Port­a­Shop Tool Kit. This lovely kit is the same size as a classic 300­ page book, and contains all the crucial tools to fix virtually anything on your bike. From tyre levers to puncture repair kits, tons of Allen keys and screwdrivers, to chain tools and beer openers – it’s all here to satisfy any true tool ­kit fan. The high­ quality tools are tidily divided into clearly marked individual sections, and thanks to Lezyne’s typically first ­rate manufacturing, these tools should outlive their owner.

Price: 119.95 €
Weight: 130 g
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Flaig RM/4S­F­A­ Tyre Pressure Gauge

Flaig Druckmessgerät

“Fuck digital!” As an online magazine, it pains us to say these words – but when it comes to the Flaig tyre pressure gauge, even digital natives like us once again head back to trusted analogue. And the name, RM/4S­F­A, surely gives away its technical nature anyway. The large gauges gives you a spot­ on tyre pressure measurement from 0 ­ 4.0 bar (0­57 psi), which makes this tool particularly interesting for riders of plus­ size and fat tyres. If you’re trying to pinpoint the pressure to the exact psi, then this is a necessity!

Price: 36.15 €
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Each new autumn heralds the same problem: do we don the uncool waterproof trousers and coat combo or just hop in the car for the commute? Who cares! With URBAN ELEMENTS, GORE have created a super­stylish and practical clothing line that will save your ass as you ride the urban rat­ race to work. Many of the items come with optional reflective hi-­vis strips and neon sections. This cool camo­ look will transport you straight to the fast lane. The gloves are smart phone­ compatible, and the headphone hole in the jacket guarantees on­to-go entertainment.

Price: Jacket – 239.95 € | Trousers – 199.95 € | Gloves – 96.95 €
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Words: Christoph Bayer & Martin Stockl Photos: Manufacturers

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