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Hype This Camping-Accessoires – 7 hot products for next level camping adventures

Sometimes, little changes are enough to turn a boring camping trip into a full on glamping (aka glamorous camping) experience. You don’t always need a fully equipped mobile home with a shower, bike garage and built-in sauna. To that end, we’ve gathered seven useful products for a successful glamping trip.

YETI Rambler

On a hot summer’s day, often all you need is an ice-cold drink. The YETI Rambler tumbler keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot – right down to the last sip. You can use it for your cold homemade iced tea in the afternoon and fill it with hot coffee at night, ready for the next morning. The proprietary MagSlider lid is easy to drink from and pour out of. You can also remove the lid entirely, though your beverage will heat up (or cool down) quicker if you do. The large opening also makes the Rambler is easy to clean. It’s available in an incredible range of 17 colours and two different coatings. We recommend going with the ultra-rugged DuraCoat option if you hate the look of scuffed paint.

Price: € 35
Weight: 358 g

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Pizzaofen

Pizza is always a good idea. Now you can have freshly baked pizza even in the most remote glamping spot thanks to the Ooni Koda – provided you’ve packed all the ingredients. If so, the Ooni will produce crispy pizza like you’re used to from your local Italian take-out spot within just 60 seconds, allowing you to feed your whole crew in no time at all. Once you fire up the pizza oven, you can roll out your dough, add your toppings and bake it within 15 minutes, at which point the Ooni will have reached 500 °C. If you’ve had enough of pizza, you can also use the oven to cook fish, meat and vegetables. As such, you can cater to everyone’s tastes on your next glamping trip. The Ooni Koda 12 weighs 9.25 kg and can bake up to 12″ pizzas (30 cm).

Price: € 349
Weight: 9,25 kg

Fairfood Freiburg

With a team of around 60 people, German brand Fairfood have dedicated themselves to nuts. In all variations and – as the name suggests – always under fair conditions for everyone. Nuts are an excellent source of energy and healthy fats, whether you’re at the desk or behind your handlebar. The company started with cashew nuts, though they’ve expanded to include a lot of other varieties and products. They’ve got everything from Brazil nuts to macadamias and dried fruits. You can have them raw or roasted, in different flavours or even as a nutritious spread. Stay nuts and ride on!

Price: € 4.90 (The classic: Freiburger Nussmix)
Weight: 133 g

Petromax Perkomax

What’s better than spending the night outdoors with good friends and being awakened by the first rays of sunshine? Only following that with a steaming cup of joe. With the Petromax Perkomax coffee percolator, you can prepare up to 1.3 litres of coffee. If coffee isn’t your thing, you can also grab some tea. The boiling water rises through a small tube in the pot and percolates back down through a basket containing your ground coffee or tea leaves. The brewed coffee or tea mixes with the remaining water in the bottom of the jug and circulates back through. The longer you let it circulate, the stronger your coffee of tea becomes. The 1 kg Perkomax is made of enamelled steel, comes in black or white and measures 21.5 x 15 x 15 cm, so it’s compact enough to be stowed in a small backpack.

Price: € 49,90
Weight: 1 kg

Carhartt WIP X Helinox Sunset Chair

Do you like travelling light and believe that less is more? Fortunately, with the Carhartt WIP X Helinox Sunset Chair you can do all that without having to sit on the floor. When folded up, the chair measures just 47 cm in length and fits into almost every backpack while adding a mere 1.59 kg. It’s certified to carry loads of up to 145 kg and the robust aluminium frame is covered in a durable fabric. If you take a break, it unfolds within seconds. Thanks to the high backrest, you can sit back and relax, and the convenient side pockets let you keep your phone or snacks within easy reach. For € 219, you can call this seat your own.

Price: € 219
Weight: 1,59 kg

VIENESSO milk frother

If you like having your coffee with frothed milk, the VIENESSO milk frother is for you. Simply pour your milk into the jug, whether it’s from a cow, almonds or soybeans, heat it on the stove or gas cooker and pump the handle. Before you know it, you’ve got 400 ml of finely frothed milk. If you don’t have a stove or gas cooker around, it works just as well with cold milk. The milk frother is made of polished stainless steel with a black coating on the outside. The dual sieve that does the frothing has a wooden handle. Measuring just 8 x 10 cm and tipping the scales at 320 g, the milk frother is small enough to stuff back into your backpack once you’ve had your fill of frothed milk.

Price: € 24,90
Weight: 320 g

Camelbak Chillbak

If you don’t just want to eat dehydrated pasta and drink powdered milk on your glamping trip, then the CAMELBAK ChillBak is what you need. It lets you keep fresh food cool for a long time, so you don’t need to be afraid of spoiled meat or warm beer at the after ride BBQ. With a volume of 30 litres, there is plenty of room for a six-pack of your favourite IPA and things to grill, or a six-pack of shrimp cocktails and a large can of Beluga caviar for the real glamper, staying cold for up 72 hours, according to CAMELBAK. On top of that, the ChillBak comes with a 6-litre bladder… This isn’t just enough to keep everyone properly hydrated, but also wash your dishes when the party’s over if need be. All you’ve got to do now is decide who will be your group’s refrigerator wheels.

Price: € 279,95
Weight: 2 kg

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Words: Mike Hunger, Julian Schwede Photos: Manufacturers