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Hype This TAKE CARE – Look after yourself, your bike and your buddies with these 8 goodies

You should take care of what you love. We have probably all heard or read this wise piece of advice before. So we’ve been thinking of how you can show some love as a MTBer and came up with seven different ideas and the corresponding products to put them into practice – plus one special matter of the heart.

Take care of your body – TTulpe Outdoor HD-6

Some of you might be familiar with this scenario: After a great day on the bike, you and your mates had a well-deserved beer in the car park and now all the showers are closed.
The Dutch company TTulpe understands the problem and has launched the Outdoor HD-6, a portable water heater with which you can make a nice outdoor shower with hot water. At a weight of 7 kg, even the camouflage-style cover can’t hide the fact that the Outdoor HD-6 is not the most tour-friendly of products. The battery ignition via two “D” batteries (the thick ones that used to be in ghetto blasters) and the supplied pressure reducer for conventional propane cylinders nevertheless ensure easy operation. At 6 litres per minute, your shower water will be 20 to 25 degrees Celsius warmer than from your tank or the river next door and you even have time for another cool beer. Plus, you’re sure to get envious looks from the entire campsite and your mates are going to be very thankful when you suddenly whip up a hot shower for everybody.

Price: € 275.00
Weight: 7.00 kg

Take care of your bike – Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless AirTag Holder

Unfortunately, hardly a week goes by without hearing about stolen bikes from friends via social media or other channels. While Apple AirTags and the like are already a useful tool for finding your favourite plaything in case of theft, the Brits from Muc-Off came up with the clever idea of pairing tubeless valves with an AirTag holder. Not only a good hiding place that thieves might not think of first, but also a good way to protect a wickedly expensive carbon wheelset from theft. With the “right” tires fitted, bike thieves won’t be able to get their hands on your tracking device quickly, even if they know where it’s hidden.

Price: € 42.99
Weight: 7.50 g (without AirTag)

Take care of your friends – Shotgun Tow Rope

Pushing your bike? That has never been fun for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether your bike’s battery or simply your own battery is running empty – when you feel like you’re slowing everybody down, the fun goes out the window rapidly. Luckily there is help at hand in the form of a tow: Regardless of whether you need towing, you’re towing your own kids, or that one friend who’s just never fit enough, the new Shotgun Tow Rope can handle a load of up to 225 kilograms. Quickly attached and removed thanks to the carabiner hook, it makes for easy pedalling and happy faces. A problem shared is a problem halved!

Price: € 40.00
Weight: 0.25 kg

Take care of your trails – Trail Boss USA Trail Tools

No dig – no ride! If you want to take care of your home trails in autumn and winter, you have to give them some love and maybe modify a few features. Combine this maintenance with a relaxed ride and you have a really great day out. The multifunctional Trail Tools from Trail Boss are manufactured in the MTB Mecca of Bellingham and are ideal for use on the go. Thanks to interchangeable tools with milled aluminium connection, robust panniers for transport and a lightweight, three-piece grip shaft, no wish is left unfulfilled. Well, almost, because for the large set weighing a whopping 4.1 kg, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket at 595 US dollars. However, working with expensive tools is really fun, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Price: $ 450.00
Weight: 4.11 kg

Take care of your skills – Gravity Card

There’s hardly anything better than endless bike park laps with the dudes (and dudettes). And there’s nothing that helps you hone your biking skills faster than casual bike park trips with countless descents. If you could now just get rid of the queue at the ticket counter in the morning, it would all be perfect. Well, you can – at least if you are the owner of a Gravity Card. 599 euros is not chicken feed, but you can ride as much as you like in all 28 (!) participating bike parks from 8th April to 9th November 2023 without having to queue for your ticket in the morning. Theoretically, you can go to a different park every weekend – fire away!

Price: € 599.00 (for adults)
Weight: Acceptable

Take care of your style – Pit Viper Flip Ups

What’s cooler than Pit Vipers? Pit Vipers that flip up. On the trail, queuing for the lift or on the dance floor in the club – these hyped sunglasses polarise and attract attention! The familiar, razor-sharp look of the goggles is now available with a flip-up lens for the ultimate style boost. For those of you who absolutely need to have these flashy, extroverted glasses: There are two different frames available, each with three different, customary wacky designs. Whether you just flip the lens or, like the guys in the commercial, flip the finger as well, is up to you.

Price: € 95.95
Weight: Not specified

Take care of your equipment – YETI LoadOut GoBox

The most important accessories for a bike trip, your camera equipment or simply an emergency kit in the car, something all these things have in common is that they should be neatly and safely stowed away, ideally well protected from water and dust. That’s exactly what the LoadOut GoBox from the outdoor professionals at YETI offers. With dimensions of 37 x 28 x 51 cm and a thoughtful interior layout, a lot fits inside and the contents stay dry and clean thanks to the waterproof and dustproof fastening. Non-slip rubber feet ensure good stability, and the practical gearbox is even stackable. What more could you wish for? For this well-thought-out design and the high functionality, the Yanks are charging a respectable 280 euros. But as everyone knows, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Price: € 280.00
Weight: 5.40 kg

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Words: Valerio Kallmann Photos: Manufacturer