Imprint Grips are a revolutionary new grip that enables you to easily shape your grips to fit your own hands. Launched on Kickstarter at the beginning of December, the guys behind the project are hoping to raise their target of £15K before the 13th January. The custom mouldable Grips provide the perfect integration between you and your bike!

The mouldable technology of Imprint Grips is a brand new concept, creating a grip that fits and supports your own hands like nothing else currently available. TMR Designs claim, amongst other things, that this provides even pressure on your hands, increases control, maximises comfort, gives you more feedback from the terrain and maximises grip life.

Imprint Grips are currently available in two variations; Standard and Premium. Both are lock on style and offer Imprint technology with the premium grips additionally being constructed of a one piece anodised aluminium sleeve with fully integrated locking ring.


“Conventional Grips don’t provide anything in the way of rider to bike integration and ‘ergonomic’ grips often hinder a full grasp and always come as a one size fits all, which because we’re all different, isn’t really that ergonomic. Imprint Grips allow full support of your hand, but in your own natural full grasping hand shape” – Rob Nicholls of TMR Designs.

“Imprint Grips have been in R&D for over two years to perfect the materials, properties and moulding methods. We have subsequently filed for a number of patents for the technology which we think has the potential to change the way we all integrate with our bikes. We’ve been trialling Imprint Grips for over 18 months now and they’ve out performed anything any of us have used before for all types of riding; DH, XC, Enduro, Touring, Commuters and Casual Riders”.


The company behind Imprint Grips is Lake District based TMR Designs. Founded by 3 avid riders, engineers and good friends; Tom Bird, Matt Scott and Rob Nicholls, TMR designs is a new company focussing on innovation within the cycle industry.

“We’ve often come up with ideas when out on the trail, some good and some bad, but when we had the idea for Imprint Grips back in 2010, we knew we had to do something about it, and when we put the first prototypes together and started riding them, it was hard to believe no one had done it before” – Tom Bird of TMR Designs.

Imprint grips are availible in 5 anodized colours for lock rings and full metal jacket sleeves - Red, Black, Blue, Silver and Gold
Imprint grips are availible in 5 anodized colours for lock rings and full metal jacket sleeves – Red, Black, Blue, Silver and Gold

Imprint Grips on Kickstarter

Imprint Grips are set to launch onto the market in 2014 but are currently available for pre order via the crowd funding website Kickstarter.

“Using Kickstarter gives you the opportunity to get your hands on the Imprint Grips before they go on general release. We are also offering some amazing introductory offers with Standard Imprint Grips starting at just £18 and Premium Imprint Grips at £25” – Matt Scott of TMR Designs.

Words & Photos: TMR Designs

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