Enduro racing is getting more and more professional, a clear indication of this, is the ever-rising number of teams which the bicycle manufacturer sends in the competition. Focus has not only introduced with the SAM an extremely interesting bike this year, they also established the Focus Trail Team which earned at European level, quite a bit of attention. We took a closer look on the team.

Das Focus Trail Team. [v.l.n.r.] Tobias Reiser, Fabian Scholz, Markus Reiser
The Focus Trail Team. [f.l.t.rt.] Tobias Reiser, Fabian Scholz, Markus Reiser

The Trail Focus Team was founded earlier this year and consists of three riders, they are Fabian Scholz, Markus and Tobias Reiser. For a bike the guys use the Focus SAM which we have already presented.

Team manager and rider Fabian says about the team:

“I launched the Focus Trail Team after I was pretty fast on the SAM prototype last year. I think the team is a great way to present the bike and also the brand Focus to other bikers.
The Enduro hype is omnipresent at the moment and so it was difficult to get good riders.
But with Tobi and Marks I have found two guys that are not only highly motivated they also have some good results to offer.

The team’s success is of course a side of the Focus benefits, on the other hand it is of course also important to test new material and bring experience into the development process.”

The team riders at a glance:

As already mentioned, the Focus Trail Team consists of three riders. They are Fabian Scholz, Markus Reiser and Tobias Reiser.

Fabian Scholz – 29 years:


Fabian is currently not only the most successful rider of the Focus Team Trail, he is also the Team manager and working as a development engineer for Focus.
After his graduation in 2005, he completed his Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Design, developed pedals for ACROS, was a founding member of the MAG 41 (predecessor of ENDURO) and worked as a photo and test driver working for the mountain bike magazine.

Aktuell ist Fabian Gesamtführender der Specialized SRAM Enduro Series.
Currently, Fabian is the overall leader of the Specialized SRAM Enduro Series.

Markus Reiser – 29 years:


Markus is the older of the two Reiser brothers, and looks back on a long career in cycling. In his youth he was still successful in cross country and moved later to the Gravity team in[focus] where he presented his all-round qualities in downhill and dirt jumping.
But he also already realized early that Enduro is the right sport for him and began to focus his training on this. In 2012 he won not only the race of Specialized SRAM series in Samerberg, he also secured the overall victory of the series at the end of the season.

Markus bevorzugt vor allem lange, physische Rennen mit hohem technischen Anspruch.
Markus prefers long physical races with high technical claim.

Tobias Reiser – 23 years:


Tobias is the youngest athlete of the Trail Focus team, but he is not an unkown person in mountain biking. The bicycle mechanic began his career in cross country and marathon where he also celebrated several successes in addition to some World Cup experience. At the start of the 2012 season he moved from the Notebooksbilliger.de team to the Enduro world.

Tobias, der jüngste Fahrer des Focus Trail Team beim Specialized SRAM Rennen in Willingen.
Tobias, the youngest rider of the Focus Trail team at the Specialized SRAM race in Willingen.

If you want to now more about the team visit their Facebook-Site or focus-bikes.com.

Words: Christoph Bayer Pictures: Axel Brunst / Christoph Bayer

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