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The Lab: ION Rascal Clipless MTB Shoes Review

Our global test team has been pushing products to the very limit on the world’s toughest trails. In The Lab, durability is rewarded and weaknesses have nowhere to hide. This time, we tested the ION Rascal clipless shoes.

Let’s face it: when it comes to style, most clipless shoes are right up there with the classic sock-and-sandal combo. The new ION Rascal shoes, however, look set to change all that with their cool sneaker style. Trev has put a pre-production pair (the white sole is now grey) through a Scottish winter and has found that they are tough as well as stylish. The fit is comfortable and the moderate flex is perfect for general trail riding, with plenty of room in the cleat box for personalising placement. The higher inner ankle cuff added some welcome protection, and the sturdy toe box shrugged off rocks with ease. Trev especially like the ventilation, which offers just enough to allow your feet to breathe without freezing your toes in the winter. The stitching, sole, and construction all look brand-new despite months of being repeatedly soaked on the trail and then dried by the fire.

The only small issue is that while the sole unit is great for trail riding and chilling in the pub after a ride, those that push or carry their bikes for long distances may wish for more aggressive traction from the sole. Aside from that, they are damn near perfect. For general trail riding, the new ION Rascals have become a go-to shoe, offering great feel and a tough construction. If they survive a Scottish winter, they will survive anything.


  • Spacious cleat box
  • Cool and tough


  • Sole lacks bite

Tester: Trev
Length of testing: five months
More Info:

Price: € 139.95
Weight: 462 g

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