The wooden balance bike from Leg&go is light, it grows with your child thanks to its modular construction and there are plenty of convenient add-ons available. Besides that, it just looks great! Learning to ride a bike couldn’t be more stylish.

Leg & go balance bike
Leg & go balance bike | Weight: 3.2 kg | Size recommendation: 85–110 cm | Price: € 295 | Manufacturer-website

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The heart of the Leg&Go are two wooden arms that can be joined together in various ways to transform into four different shapes with different seat heights. With a seat height ranging from 25 to 47 cm, the balance bike is the only kids bike on test that can really claim to grow with your child until they’re around 110 cm! You don’t need any tools to convert the bike and it is a real pleasure to watch the shapely wooden parts come together to form any of the four different shapes. The wooden arms are naturally flexible, providing suspension for your little easy rider no matter how it’s configured. In addition to the four possible configurations, there are separate add-ons available for the Leg&Go such as rocking horse skids, footrests (downhill bike add-on), a pedal bike add-on and others. You can even turn it into a skibike. Spares, replacement parts and accessories such as rubber grips are just as easy to come by.

Child’s play
The bolts can be loosened and tightened by hand, allowing you to transform the Leg&Go and change the saddle height in no time at all.
High quality
Damage can’t be avoided when children play. However, there are no sharp edges or a risk of splinters here. If you want, you can buy special rubber grips for the bike for € 7.

With so much style and functionality, the hefty €295 price point for the basic Leg&Go balance bike is justifiable. We think this balance bike is great because it’s so adaptable and really can grow with your child! The only thing we don’t like about the Leg&Go is that they don’t have an adult version…


  • really can grow with your child
  • super versatile thanks to the add-ons
  • good workmanship


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Words: Moritz Geisreiter, Peter Walker, Felix Stix Photos: Peter Walker, Daniel Geiger